Kim Kardashian in Short Shorts Shows Off Cellulite, Stretch Marks, and Flabby Legs on Lunch Date (PHOTOS)


Will Kim Kardashian ever stop being a famewhore? I truly thought that the birth of her daughter, North West, would change her tendencies but it looks like that hasn’t happened. In fact, it might have done the exact opposite – since losing weight, Kim has been seen in public constantly. And you know what that means? The paparazzi are on speed dial.

Not only that, but she barely seems to spend any time at home with Nori, and at this point, I doubt Nori even knows who she is. Babies at that age can usually recognize their parents, but mostly because the parents try to spend every waking moment with their child. I’m positive that Kim has several nannies that spend more time with Nori than she is, and to Nori, Kim is probably just another one of those endless faces that hugs and holds her every once in a while.

Of course, Kim’s also desperate to show off her weight loss, and she posted a revealing picture of herself in a bikini recently. The picture received a lot of criticism, especially from people who called it inappropriate now that she’s a mother. I guess they don’t realize that once a famewhore, always a famewhore. Instagram pictures are Kardashian kryptonite, and Kim’s never going to stop posting pictures of herself. And I doubt she took the criticism to heart, because here she is, walking around in another revealing outfit.

What do you guys think of Kim’s constant famewhoring? Do you think she needs to spend some time away from the spotlight? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.