Kim Kardashian Posts Side Boob Selfie: North West Video Proves She’s Mother Of The Year? (PHOTOS – VIDEO)

Kim Kardashian Posts Barely Dressed Selfie and See North West Video Proving She is Mother Of The Year (PHOTOS - VIDEO)

Okay, I get wanting to feel good about yourself after having a baby and I also understand how hard it can be to whip yourself back into decent shape. Once some of that weight falls off you feel so much better that the mirror kind of lies to you and leads you to believe that you have your former body back. Apparently, Kim Kardashian thinks that she is hot as hell in spite of the extra pounds and she wants everyone to know it.

Girlfriend posted a selfie yesterday which makes me wonder just how much plastic surgery it took to construct that ridiculous ass that trails being her. Aside from that I have one question- what mother posts photo’s like this? I know, the quick answer is Farrah Abraham but she’s just an airheaded trashbag and so in my mind she kind of doesn’t count!

Seriously though, we have yet to see any hint that Kim is a decent mother but she still wants us to believe that she’s sexy. I wonder what her earth mother sister, Kourtney Kardashian thinks of this photo. She supposedly already gave Kim absolute hell for leaving North West behind while she spent time in Paris for fashion week. This image isn’t going to help anything between them, is it?

Is Kim just proving that she’s still the same bubble-headed attention whore even after having her child? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

Photo Credit: Instagram