Justin Theroux Moves Out of Jennifer Aniston’s Home: Wedding Off as Couple Separates

Justin Theroux Moves Out of Jennifer Aniston's Home: Wedding Off as Couple Separate

I have to admit, I never really believed that Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux were going to make it down the aisle. I mean, couples either get married or they make a million excuses for why they keep postponing it. In that case it rarely ends up happening and now it looks like things have gotten even worse for this couple. After going through a rough patch earlier this summer and using work as an excuse to live on opposite coasts for months, Justin has finally moved out.

According to the Oct. 29th print edition of Life & Style Magazine, rather than solidify their relationship, Justin is taking clear cut steps away from Jen and the idea of a permanent life together. I wonder if it was the rumored fertility treatments or simply the pressure to have a baby that finally got a bit stale for Justin. His friends have maintained that he was never going to actually marry Jen and the fact that he has maintained a friendship with his previous girlfriend has raised eyebrows as well as suspicion.

Also in the new issue is a story about Kim Kardashian’s weight loss. The problem with these articles about her now is the fact that they use old photos of her to mislead people into thinking that this is what her weight loss actually looks like. Kim claims to have lost 70 pounds within four months but still has quite a ways to go. Do you think that she really has a goal of doing Playboy again? Even as a mother will Kim resort to using her sexuality to make a fast buck? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

Image Credit: Life and Style

  • namers

    You REALLY want my thoughts??

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  • Imane Assi

    If it;s true she probably kicked him out.They bought a house together and he proposed on his birthday.No one made him do that.Anyway Jennifer never let any man define her,never needed any relationsiip to survive.She dunmped every man she’s been with,including Brad Pitt,when she felt that it wasn’t worth it.

    • jhunted7667

      (Jennifer doesn’t let any man Define her ) allot of women don’t feel complete without a man , Man wasn’t created to be alone that’s why God created woman as a helper to man , both women and men should walk in their own integrity ,(that is what defines them ) that is the way God created them , I’m not a religious zealot , BUT the reason she has dumped all the men published in her past and tries to hold one to the one she holds in her heart is because the one in her heart matters and she would move heaven and earth if she could to find a way to be with him and still stay in Hollywood , in case you haven’t noticed the United States is falling apart , soon Fame, money , social standing won’t matter , what will matter is whether or not you trust the person your standing next to and where or will there be a next meal ,and where the next tank full of gas will come from . The Country is broke , the millions that the famous have will soon be taken from them by the Government , they will say it’s to pay debt when in reality it will be given over to the elect in Europe , by Silver test every ounce even if it comes from the Government , even stamped bullion bars, TEST EVERY OUNCE , my advise in good will to a fellow commenter

    • jhunted7667

      I am taking it for granted by how you defend Aniston that your name is Lindsey , if so we can carry on the conversation via email if your not Lindsey then forgive my blunder, the invitation was meant for Lindsey

  • jhunted7667

    you have to remember something , Children are a gift from God , you shouldn’t force yourself to have them , however if you get pregnant 12 or more times you should have 12 or more children , that ,1% that I talked about are men who walk with God , they walk in integrity , that is what makes them special , I Know she found a 1%ER , I think she presented herself as being normal girl next door , she got him to fall in love with her and she walked away because the demands on her heart would have been too much , Love sometimes means giving up one thing you love for something else , how many women gave up their careers for a family life , just look how many stars married had children and either lost the children at an early age or the marriage ended up in divorce because the husband or wife did something on the big screen that caused a rift , I know Aniston , all’s I have to do is to look deep into her eyes , to know what she’s looking for , she loves the idea of working thru differences with a mate where she has a equal partner and not a yes person , because of her parents getting divorced she needs the emotional security that the marriage will last , that 1 % radiates that , her problem is she wants it all , no one has it all , her PROBLEM is that she stimulates the Pineal gland in 99% of all men , that’s the sex gland , one of the reasons men watch her movies , she raises their testosterone levels , I know myself I’m insecure , you see the problems Fame would bring to a relationship , the 1% I happy consider myself included in does NOT SHARE , How could she make someone like me feel secure that I’m the only one sending my choo- choo into her tunnel, She’s asking an awful lot in the way of trust knowing she excites men the way she does , FAME last’s only as long as the acetate of the film or the magnetic field charge of the digital data , children can go on from generation to generation FOREVER

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