Kourtney Kardashian Hoped Father’s Will Was Fake – Details Revealed

Kourtney Kardashian Hoped Father’s Will Was Fake – Details Revealed

The Kardashian family has never struck me as being completely stable, so all these sordid details of their history never really surprise me. Kourtney Kardashian apparently contested the will of her father because she believed that the document was a fake and likely forged.

Her late father, Robert Kardashian, married a women named Ellen Pearson two months before he reportedly died from cancer in 2003. Ellen is now speaking [probably because she has bills to pay] about how Kourtney didn’t trust the will left by Robert, and believed that it was a forged document. Of course, that’s not all – Kourtney, Kim, Rob, and Khloe Kardashian, along with Kris Jenner, are all suing Ellen for ‘profiteering’ from personal items that she’s sold of the Kardashian clan [including photo albums and journals].

Ellen also detailed why Kourtney had her late father’s will contested, according to a 2012 interview. Ellen reportedly said, “According to the calls I received from the attorney, Kourtney felt like she wanted to have her father’s handwriting analyzed to make sure that he actually had written those things down that he left me. And she did. Kourtney actually had his handwriting analyzed. But every time she called the attorney about something, he would call me to let me know. It was never ending. There were many things, many things about the will.”

Kourtney Kardashian Hoped Father’s Will Was Fake – Details Revealed

Apparently, the issue at the center of this was the fact that Kourtney didn’t trust Ellen, with Ellen saying, “[Kourtney] also accused me of taking something that I had no clue and had never seen….She contested everything that was given to me personally.”

So it’s clear that Ellen had a bone to pick with the Kardashian family, so it’s not really a shock that she’s decided to take her story to the tabloids. And Kourtney would have every right to have the handwriting analyzed, especially as this women seems like the biggest gold digger. After all, Ellen’s pretty much proved to be every bit the attention seeker that the Kardashians claim she is – why else would anyone go to the tabloids? So if Kourtney saw this side of Ellen when she was married to her father [which was only two months, keep in mind], then she was probably well within her rights to request an analysis. Jeesh, I can’t believe I’m supporting the Kardashians. In this case, it really comes down to famewhore versus even bigger famewhore – and I’m siding with the famewhore that was trying to protect her father’s memory.

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