Kordell Stewart Dating Tonia Richardson After Filing Divorce From Porsha Stewart

Kordell Stewart Dating Tonia Richardson After Filing Divorce From Porsha Stewart

It looks like Kordell Stewart wasted absolutely no time in finding another chick to put on his arm after filing for divorce from arm candy wife of under two years. Porsha Stewart.  Last Sunday he showed up in church with his ex Tonia Richardson, who is also the mother of his son. Just two days after filing for divorce he had a very public outing with Tonia, one that certainly made people talk.

If you watched The Real Housewive’s of Atlanta then you’ve already seen Kordell, the control freak in action. Porsha talked often about obeying her husband and asking permission to do things. Supposedly he wasn’t a fan of their reality television experience and he forbid Porsha for even considering another season. Rumor has it Kordell found out the Porsha was indeed negotiating behind his back and that was it, there was little confrontation or discussion, he simply pulled the plug. Porsha is said to have been completely blind sighted by his filing and never saw it coming.

Surely, stepping out with an ex hasn’t helped the situation. Ironically, Tonia at one time also appeared on RHOA! She was one of former regular cast member, Sheree Wilson’s best pals and showed up on camera on more than one occasion. At the time she was still with Kordell and he put his foot down with her, demanding she leave the show.

Wouldn’t it just be easier for Kordell to quit running with these high maintenance, fame whores and just be true to himself? Being a gay NFL-er might be slighly easier than trying to control these chicks, don’t you think?

Will Kordell and Porsha reunite? Is he just trying to make her jealous in order to get her to agree to whatever crazy terms he may have? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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  1. Whatever Porsha…RENEW your contract w/ RHOA. Consider the other Housewives & Andy on Team Porsha. They clearly have expressed what they feel is them trying to HELP you. You can be a traditional wife if you want…but CLEaRLY you can’t put all of your trust & future& your light under the bushel Cordell would like to stick you under right now. Wendy W. made a lot of good comments like get a SMALL apt. in a high rise in At. but hey keep the ring & the small stuff, why not you sure tried. Cynthia B. is only trying to express herself honestly..that’s what the grown up Housewives do.Sure watch your back but get in there & make TV !!! You are safer w/ the Housewives than hidden away where Cordell can seriously scare you !!!!

  2. […] her life for the camera. Obviously her press was hugely important and that’s probably why Porsha found out about her divorce from the media. It was an awesome move of hate and disgust on his part and I’m betting that Kordell made his […]

  3. Oracle5 says:

    Wendy Williams comments stinks: “Get yourself a small apartment” No, buy yourself a lovely home Porsha. Decorate your home with brand new furniture.