Kordell Stewart Gay Rumors Lead To Divorce – Was Porsha Stewart A Beard?

Kordell Stewart Gay Rumors Lead To Divorce – Was Porsha Stewart A Beard?

What does a somewhat closeted ex-NFL player do to quiet the gay rumors that all but single-handedly ruined his bright football career?  If you’re Kordell Stewart you retire, marry the hottest piece of – er- “black trophy wife” you can get your hands on and then bide your time. Kordell filed for divorce from his wife Porsha on March 22nd after less than two years of marriage and one full season of her being part of the cast of The Real Housewives of Atlanta.

Coincidence? I don’t think so.  We watched first hand as Porsha asked his permission to do things and was ordered to choose between a career and a baby. Even the other husbands cornered him on his control freak behavior. In the end Kordell looks like an asshole that attempted to have a marriage straight out of the dark ages but with a lot more cash and bling. He choose his wife’s clothing and always wanted her dressed perfectly. She was an accessory to improve his straight image. She was arm candy that was intended to make him the envy of every current and former NFL player. Did it work? Um, no.

Perhaps if Kordell played the game awhile longer it would have. He was well on his way to becoming more famous for being a douche bag rather than possibly gay.  Make no mistake, I think he still is the former, but I also think Porsha was a sequin covered beard to make all the whispers stop. Did it work? Well I’m pretty sure we’ll see some of his former teammates weight in on his divorce and say how they were more shocked to hear of his marriage than his divorce. If 90% of the locker room refuses to comment on the gay rumors it’s because they believe them.

Porsha is probably gutted by being dumped by the dream guy that paid her way and offered her THAT kind of life. Unless of course the marriage was a business arrangement from the get-go.  Perhaps Porsha was a paid beard!  Tell us your thoughts on this dysfunctional and broken marriage in the comments below!

8 responses to “Kordell Stewart Gay Rumors Lead To Divorce – Was Porsha Stewart A Beard?”

  1. Sara James says:

    Kordell likes cock, Porsha doesn’t have one.

  2. Winfield249@gmail.com says:

    Porsha, kept dissing Kenya now dum dum is getting hers.

  3. Genevee says:

    I didn’t like the way the opening of the show had Porsha saying “People say I have the picture perfect life and I DO”. That was so vain and she mocked Kenya a tad much even though Kenya was a trip too. Still, “if Kordell lets me and I’m his Barbie Doll, he likes to dress me..” was what she was getting in that marriage, I would say she’s better off. But she was so shallow and vain. I believe she may have loved him and his money too. I feel bad for her though but if the rumors are correct on his preferences I just wonder why in hell he married her. He didn’t have to.

  4. lannetteb says:

    Wow! Ok so karma is a mess! Yea Kwnya has her bad ways but Kwnya just dont start shit! Portia would always try and make a mockety of Kenya self worth becsuse she had a gay ass husband! Now shell be in the single line too! Or better yet, Blackpeoplemeet! Vain asshole

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  6. Diane69802 says:

    Porcha is young and niave and I think he just married her to cover up his homosexuality. I think she should sue him for Fraud……that is exactly what he is. She was too young and niave to realize it.

  7. disqus_eyujmz9whe says:

    to all of u above…kenya threw blows @ Porsha first….Kenya thought Porsha was young & thought she would take that mess but Porsha shot some real stuff back to kenya….unlike kenya with no proof….Porsha is young naive, loved & respected her spouse….it was not an arrangement…if it was they would have did a pre nulp….Porsha will do well….inspite of kordell doing this, she never soeaks ill of him…he used her to cover what/who he truly likes