Kourtney and Kim Take Miami RECAP 2/10/13: Season 3 Episode 4

Kourtney and Kim Take Miami RECAP 2/10/13: Season 3 Episode 4

Tonight KOURTNEY AND KIM TAKE MIAMI is back tonight with a new episode called, “Dragon Me Down.”  On tonight’s show Kim invites her entire family to Miami to compete in a dragon-boat race. At the same time, Kourtney suspects her sister-in-law is pregnant, while Scott has trouble dealing with Bruce’s competitive nature.  Did you watch last week’s episode?  We did and we recapped it here for you.

On last week’s show Scott learned about the lesbian scene in Miami, while Kim had fun stealing Kourtney’s breast milk to help treat her psoriasis.  Kim stole a precious liquid from Kourtney’s room to combat her psoriasis.

On tonight’s show the family is preparing to participate in a dragon boat racing event. How fun, right? Apparently, Kim backed out at the last minute after thinking Kanye would be around to keep her otherwise occupied. Turns out that she made a mistake and, after realizing that Kanye wasn’t actually going to be around, she decided that she actually could participate in the rowing event.  As you might imagine, the family was rubbed the wrong way and felt as if they were on the bottom of Kim’ priority list.

Tonight’s episode is going to be another drama packed one, which you won’t want to miss. So be sure to tune in for our live coverage of E!’s Kourtney and Kim Take Miami Season 3 episode 4— tonight at 9PM EST!  While you wait for our recap, hit the comments and let us know how excited you are about the new episode of KKTM tonight and check out the sneak peek video below of tonight’s episode below!

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Kim and her friends are out trying paddle boarding with lots of mishaps. Kourt, Kim, Scott and baby Penelope are in the car, when Kim tries to talk to them about bringing the family down for the Dragon Boat festival for a mini-reunion.

Scott said it sounds touristy and he doesn’t like rowing. In the back of the car, Kourt is bending over the car seat, breast feeding the baby while they’re driving (I have totally done that!). Kim is icked out.

They stop by a store to get some ideas for their shop when Scott comes in. Kim again tries to talk Scott into it – they need 17 people and Scott says it’s all going to be a big family ordeal. He says he can’t be in a competitive sport with Bruce – the last time it happened, they didn’t speak for a year.

He says you can’t be in a competitive anything with Bruce. Scott tells them he had an appearance in Vegas, but he finally caves in and says he’ll cancel it and will be in the boat race.

Mason climbs up between Scott and Kourt at the table when there’s a knock at the door. Mason rushes to answer it and it’s Kris. Then Brandon and Leah Jenner arrive. Kim explains the Dragon Boat festival is for charity and it’s a day long race. The boat holds 17 people.

Kourt offers Leah food and she declines, saying she’s woozy. Kim says she’s going to be team captain and Brandon doubts Bruce will sit still for her leading the team. Kylie shows up and is so excited about Kim’s little kitten. Then Bruce and Kendall are there.
Kim says it’s going to be fun and starts talking – Bruce interrupts and asks how she got to be captain. He makes a little fun and then agrees. She tells them they need to practice and Kris doesn’t want to do any prep work.

Scott says he doesn’t want to participate – that he might hold them back. In his confessional, he says he loves her family, but it’s hard to love them all when they’re all together. Kourt says if Scott says no, it’s no.

They all head down to the gym to work out. They are all in the gym and Kim is explaining that core strength is key. Kourt says this is all too much for a stupid boat race. Kim is leading an exercise, but Bruce is doing his own thing. He tells her he knows how to work out – that he beat the whole world all on his own. Kim has a tantrum because he won’t do it her way and stalks out.

Bruce is looking for Kim who is busy with her glittery laptop, in full pout. He tells her he gave a pep talk to the family to try to get them excited. She asks why he’s so stubborn and he tells her that he wants to win. She says it’s about fun – he says winning is fun.
Brandon and Kim discuss that their parents dated Elvis and Priscilla. There are some rowdy people in the restaurant and they start recruiting people. The waiter has raced dragon boats before and agrees to be on their team.

Kourt is concerned that Leah’s stomach is upset – she’s thrown up and isn’t eating right. Kourt follows her to the restroom – she thinks Leah might be preggers. She tells Leah to get some rest. Leah thinks she just got some bad airplane food.

Bruce tells them they should have started training a year ago. They find a conference table and Kim wants them all to hop up on it and simulate boating. Scott isn’t there and Bruce says he needs to be there. Bruce says he’s going to go shame Scott into participating. Kourt says she wishes he would leave him alone.

Bruce heads up and brings Scott a paddle. Scott tells him he doesn’t like hard labor – he prefers speedboats. Bruce drags him downstairs. Scott says he’s a grower, not a rower. (Nice penis reference Scott).

Bruce starts explaining to everyone that you row with your body, not your arms. He makes them all sit on the table and row. Scott says he’s having no fun because Bruce ruins anything competitive. Bruce is all over Scott, telling him to man up. Scott walks out. He’s done. He’s sick of being belittled.

Kourt tells Bruce he took it too far. Bruce says men need pushed and Kourt says “not him” and heads out after Scott. Kourt says that Bruce needs to get off Scott’s case.  She says Scott doesn’t want to have a blow up with Bruce because he knows he’ll have to deal with him forever. Scott says he grew up an only child and sometimes her family is just too much. He says he needs to get away for the day – he says it’s just too much. Kourt says he should rebook his Vegas trip and get away from the madness. Aww – she’s so supportive. He promises to take an early flight back.

Kourt says she’s not going to say anything about Leah maybe being pregnant, but takes Brandon and Leah along baby shopping. She thinks they’re keeping the secret until Leah is out of her first trimester. Brandon says Scott has really stepped up with the kids and Kourt agrees. She shows them some cool baby gear.

Leah tells Brandon she hopes their baby doesn’t have as much facial hair as Brandon. Kourt is really excited that there will be other parents her age in the clan. She tells Leah she’s going to be a great mom.

At the condo, Kim is playing with Penelope. Bruce asks if it reminds her of when the girls were little and she could dress them all up. Kim gives Kris a gift and then tells Bruce and Kris she has to cancel on the boat race. They are not happy – she’s the captain and dragged them all there!

Kim says she has to see Kanye – that she hasn’t seen him for three weeks. They tell her to have Kanye race with them and she says he doesn’t want to. Bruce is fine with it – he’s thrilled to take over as team captain. Kris is happy with her gift of a new phone – great, so she swindled them into letting her scam out.

Kourt brings Leah some morning sickness cures – ginger lollipops, saltines, water with lemon. Kourt tells Leah to skip the race, but she says she’s not missing it, even if she’s vomiting over the side. Kourt says it’s tough to try to hide your pregnancy for the first trimester.

Kim tells Kris that Kanye’s mottos is “Don’t f*ck with me.” She’s happy that he’s stopping by for one day before he leaves for Paris on business. Kris says she loves him.

In Vegas, Scott is with his homies having sushi. Scott says he was contemplating suicide dealing with all of her family being there. He complains about Bruce busting his balls being over-competitive. He says the last thing he wants to do is be in a paddle boat with Bruce. He’s thrilled to be in Vegas with his boys.

Back in Miami, Kris tells Brandon he looks so much like Bruce at that age but Bruce says he was bigger – he topped out at 202 with all his muscles. Kim comes in and Bruce asks what she’s going to drop out of today. Turns out Kanye has meetings and has to take the red eye, so Kim is available for the race. Bruce says they have a full team and she can be a cheerleader on the sidelines. He tells her no because she flaked on them. He says she needs a life lesson. Kim eye rolls and leaves.

Morning of the race, Bruce is handing out red, white and blue team shirts. Kris says he’s the most annoying person she’s ever met in her entire life. Bruce wants to know where Scott is and Kourt tells him that Scott’s in Vegas. She says Scott doesn’t want to fight with him and Bruce says it’s a bigger fight if he doesn’t participate. Kourt thinks Scott did the right thing by bailing.

Kris tells Bruce that he’s driving everyone crazy. Bruce says the family is so difficult and it doesn’t have to be that complicated. Kris says “yes it does.” Bruce hustles everyone out the door to practice and then race.

At the launch point, the family is happy to see their waiter they recruited. Bruce is thrilled to have an experienced racer. Their coach shows up. Kourt is nervous for Leah to be out in the hot sun all day. She talks to Leah who insists she’s fine. The coach takes them through some stretching exercises. Then he shows them how to row.

Then Kim comes in – with her own team! She made a DASH team. She called in Haley Pasternak (celeb trainer to the stars) and a bunch of other athletes –she’s determined to beat Bruce. Kris says she’s joing Kim’s team and Bruce says that’s typical of Kris.

Kim wanted a mostly male team filled with top athletes. Bruce is heckling and booing. Kris is dancing around in a DASH shirt – she picked Kim over the rest of the family. Bruce trash talks Kim and her team. Kourt joins in.

Kim is happy she’s made Bruce nervous. Once on the water, Kim starts calling them losers. It’s Kardashian against Kardashian and the race is on! The horn blows and the rowing commences. Kris and Kim sit up front of Team Dash while Bruce and Kourt lead the Kardashian-Jenners. They are neck and neck. Kim is shocked they are keeping up with the pro-team she recruited. Kourt is thrilled to be on “Team Bruce.” Team Bruce actually wins it and Kim is floored. Kourt says the underdogs won and it felt so good to beat Kim.

Kim says losing against Bruce is pure torture because she’ll never hear the end of it. Bruce tells her to congratulate the winners. Bruce tells Kris he’s sorry she left the winning team to go to the losers. He’s gloating. He says he’s surprised they won. He calls Kris a loser again. (Ha!)

Bruce and Kris are at dinner. She likes the restaurant because they hand you a glass of wine as you come in the door. Brandon, Leah, Kim and Kourt join them. Bruce thanks Kim for setting up the event. Kim says it would be nice to win, but she was just glad they all got to do it.

Kourt is loving how lovey-dovey Brandon and Leah. Leah goes to take a sip of wine and Kourt chastises her and then the whole family freaks and starts asking if Leah’s pregnant. Leah says she’s not pregnant. Turns out Kourt had it completely wrong. They ask her to say “bible” – the Kardashian uber-promise. She says bible and Kourt is embarrassed that she had it wrong.

They ask who they hope will be the next to get pregnant and Bruce says he hopes it’s Khloe and Kris agrees. (They didn’t know at this point that Kim and Kanye were knocked up.)

Bruce comes to drop off a gift for Scott. He bought him a remote control boat as an apology for being so rough on him about the boat race. The West Coast clan takes off to head home.

Next day, Scott is playing with the boat in the pool. He shows it to Mason. He says it was cool that Bruce got it for him – he says Bruce usually never swallows his pride or apologizes. He also admits that running off is not the best way to deal with the pressured of Kourt’s family. He lets Mason drive it around the kiddy pool.