Kourtney Kardashian Dragged to Court by Michael Girgenti’s Paternity Suit: Must Prove Scott Disick Mason’s Biological Father (PHOTO)

Kourtney Kardashian Dragged to Court by Michael Girgenti Paternity Suit: Must Prove Scott Disick Mason's Biological Farther (PHOTO)

Michael Girgenti just isn’t giving up is he? Almost 4 months after a paternity test seemed to prove that Kourtney Kardashians boyfriend, Scott Disick is indeed the father of little Mason Disick she finds herself headed for a court date anyway. Michael insists that the two had a random hook up in March 2009 that makes him think that it’s entirely possible that he could have fathered the boy. On Dec. 16th he is hoping that a judge will order independent testing to confirm whose DNA is a match. The Dec. 23rd print edition of In Touch magazine has all of the latest dirt on this Kardashian scandal, including why Michael feels that Kourtney may have made sure that the original paternity test results were doctored!

Also in the new issue you can catch up with Amanda Bynes, fresh out of rehab. Since stepping off the crazy train and deciding that medication is her friend, Amanda is once again close to her family and now looking for a career in fashion. She recently enrolled in FIDM and is taking two classes a week while still doing out patient therapy. Will she be able to keep herself together? That seems to be the big question.

It is rumored that Brad Pitt recently admitted to Angelina Jolie that he had cheated and since then her weight has plummeted. She recently passed out on a movie set and there are fears that she’s now a candidate for a heart attack. Angie has never been one to take care of herself and In Touch has all of the latest details. Do you think there’s a split coming for Brad and Angie? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

 Image Credit: In Touch