Ben Flajnik Will Appear As Kris Jenner’s Toy Boy In Next Season Of Keeping Up With The Kardashians

Ben Flajnik Will Appear As Kris Jenner's Toy Boy In Next Season Of Keeping Up With The Kardashians

Kris Jenner‘s found herself a new boy toy, but it’s not without a price. According to sources, Kris’s new BF Ben Flajnik has demanded that Kris include him in the new season of Keeping Up With the Kardashians. Kris is apparently ‘slowly trying to introduce Ben’s character’ the next season of the show, likely hoping that she’ll be able to snare some much-needed publicity. After all, her daughters are all over the news, but nobody cares about Kris anymore. And Ben also gets a nice boost of fame from this arrangement, although I’d say his fifteen minutes of fame will be up much quicker.

I mean, why else would Ben be dating Kris? Last we heard from him, he was vehemently denying it, and who can blame him? It’s Kris freaking Jenner. But you know, some people’s desire for attention and publicity is much stronger than anything else, and Ben must have a great gag reflex. Indeed, sources also add that Kris and Ben have taken to displaying public displays of affection, explaining, “When they went to Mexico, they were all over each other. They were hooking up the entire time and not hiding it at all.”

So if they’re so public about their relationship, then why do they refuse to make it ‘official’ via the tabloids? Kris certainly never has a problem tipping off the tabloids for any other stupid reason. My guess is that part of Ben’s deal to be her ‘boyfriend’ is that Kris can’t confirm the relationship, thus allowing Ben a plausible denial of the relationship. This way, he gets the fame and publicity without the public humiliation. Well, not AS much public humiliation.