Kris Jenner Can’t Find Room In Her Family For Stepson Brody Jenner: Why Does She Hate Him So Much?

Kris Jenner Can't Find Room In Her Family For Stepson Brody Jenner: Why Does She Hate Him So Much?

This week on Keeping up with the Kardashians, the Kardashian-Jenner Klan has landed in Greece. Kris Jenner and her stepson Brody‘s strained relationship was causing fresh problems in her marriage to Bruce on Sunday night’s Keeping Up with the Kardashians. Let’s face it, Kris is trifling for not initially inviting Brody on the big Kardashian family vacation to Greece especially since she invited his brother Brandon and his wife Leah.

It’s just another source of tension for Kris and her Olympic husband, who moved out of the family home earlier this year for his own Malibu man cave sparking reports their marriage is in trouble. This marriage is over and the only person holding them together is Ryan Seacrest who holds the check book and continues to profit off of this family and reality show franchise. This marriage only exists now because of the almighty dollar and this is just another relationship ruined by reality television.

If you watched the show you would have heard the conversation between Brody and his father about the Greece trip. “To hear that everyone else was invited and I wasn’t included hurt,” Brody said about the Greek vacation snub. “Where is my invite?” Brody said over the phone to his dad, Bruce, who promised to ask Kris about the situation. I totally agree with Brody this was an insult and Kris excuses where just a stupid as her not inviting one of Bruce’s son.

Bruce confronted his wife pointing out Brody wasn’t invited to Greece at a time in which he was trying to reconnect with his son. According to Radar Online, “Under pressure from Bruce, Kris made flight plans for Brody so he could join the gang. “I’m not the evil stepmonster you think I am. I just want a little bit of credit,” she told Bruce. Kris, sorry to break it to you, but you’re not only the evil stepmonster — you are a terrible mother, which is evident with your own kids who constantly berate and blast you on the reality show and in public every opportunity they get.

This is just another exacerbated storyline to garnish ratings, as no family trip with the Kardashian-Jenner Klan has ever ended drama free. Brody just needs to give it to Kris straight up and put her ass in place once and for all. Brody has made up with his father Bruce Jenner so he will need to tread lightly. We all know Kris is an evil attention money hungry stepmother; so, she will find a way to turn this around and play the victim as always.

Brody’s deep-rooted issues with Kris will never be resolved, which is sad because Kris is not interested in anyone but Kim Kardashian — her money making machine — and her granddaughter North West.

In all seriousness, if Kris Jenner were a normal human being and not a fame hungry robot then maybe her and Brody’s relationship would not be as tense. Divorce is never fun and adding a new woman to the mix who has no interest in your prior children has to be hard. Bruce admitted that he was not the greatest father to Brody and being a stepmother is tough but Kris does not make it easy because all she cares about are the Kardashians. Kris, did you forget that Kendall and Kylie are Brody’s sisters and maybe you should just foster a relationship for them and get to know their brother?

Will Kris and Brody be able to resolve these logical issues and enjoy their time together as a family? I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

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  • lilgrandma

    B/c he has real balls not like his dad!Bruce is so whipped and how did he let her make him change that face!!Bruce needs to be a real father to his kids not the fake one’s!!so sorry he has to stick up for his dad!!Shame on you bruce!!!

    • Angel 2009

      PMK has turned Bruce, Olympic Hero into Eunuch Zero.

      • drdebo cherry


  • MakeHerUp

    because he’s JUST like his dad!

  • Angel 2009

    This is exactly the type of drama producers are hoping will draw better ratings – still refuse to watch this family of trash bags!

  • EmilyTrainham

    I think it’s weird the Jenner guys are there in the first place, but yeah, total snub to invite one and not the other.

    • gossip26

      If this is a “Family” holiday then all Bruce’s children, from previous marriages, should be invited, its their option to attend or not. Just as Kris’ kids from her previous marriage attend. To keep it fair. Otherwise it should be a holiday for just Bruce, Kris, Kendall & Kylie. Why is it acceptable for all of Kris’ kids from a previous marriage but not Bruce’s ? Kris is a very selfish woman and has never respected or accepted Bruce’s kids from previous marriages. My husband and I have adult children from our previous marriages and they are always treated equally. It is not something we even have to discuss, I automatically call all personally and advise of family get-togethers. We are a family.

      • EmilyTrainham

        Oh, no, I totally agree, if this was a regular family holiday, then everyone should definitely be invited, every single kid. I just meant in terms of the show, this was the vacation they take every season explicitly for the show, and the Jenner boys have never really been a part of the show before, it’s always been just Kris’ kids.

        • gossip26

          Unfortunately, they didn’t include Bruce’s kids soon after they married. Had Bruce insisted on this from the get go, (this is something Bruce should have done when his boys were so young and needed their father in their lives) had they done this they wouldn’t have to deal with all this emotional pain now. Sadly one cannot turn the clock back and Brody and Brandon will always carry that sense of loss. Luckily, they have a wonderful Mother in Linda. Personally, I think Bruce has a lot to answer for. It would have to hurt those boys to see the relationship Bruce has with Kendall and Kylie. Is Bruce too weak or is Kris too strong?

  • drdebo cherry

    my educated guess is that she likes him…kinda a reaction-formation reaction.

    • gossip26

      In response to drdebo cherry. I totally agree with you. I think Kris is actually attracted to Brody in a creepy, totally inappropriate, sort of way. Don’t that have a name for this? She really is a sick woman. Cannot stand her. She says and does inappropriate stuff and then covers herself by saying people don’t understand her sense of humor. Pathetic old woman.

  • gossip26

    Good for Brody! At last someone has had the guts to call her out on her behavior. He needed to tell her what a crap stepmom she has been. I think Kris’ aim is to drive a wedge between Bruce and his kids from previous marriages purely for financial reasons. She is afraid she is going to have to share his assets one day with his children from previous marriages. I think it was very brave of Brody to express his feelings to Kris. GO BRODY!!