Kris Jenner Sends Kim Kardashian To Beyonce’s Concert In London –Talk Show Hype? (PHOTOS)

Kris Jenner Sends Kim Kardashian To Beyonce’s Concert In London –Talk Show Hype?

You know something is wrong with the world when a Kim Kardashian is spotting makes headline news. On Wednesday evening, Kim was spotted leaving the Dorchester Hotel in London wearing black, breasts, and a baby bump. Kim K was headed to Beyonce’s Mrs. Carter World Tour performance at the O2 Arena. In true Kardashian style, she tweeted a picture of Beyonce with the caption, “Oh hey B!”

Oh, let’s just pick up that name, shall we?

The super pregnant Kardashian went on a whirlwind European trip with Kanye West and her trailer park family. Paris was first, then Greece, and now London – each city blemished by the stench of Kris Jenner’s bitchiness and Bruce Jenner’s Botox. The Gollums of Hollywood are taking this time to celebrate their mother’s highly anticipated talk show launching on the 15th of July. The show – aptly titled “Kris” – will run for a trial period of six weeks to see if viewers might bite into the formula. If the logo is anything to go by, we’ll soon find an egotistical fame whore destroying her competitors with well-timed PR stunts and talk show ambiguity.

Unfortunately for Kris, there is still a massive chance for failure.

Talk shows last as long as a fashion fad, and if the host is unable to come across as original and unorthodox, the viewers will tune out in their droves. Very few talk shows survive the first season, and if they do, they still have to compete with juggernauts like Ellen DeGeneres and The Dr. Phil Show.

Will you be watching? If so, why? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Photo Credit: FameFLYNET

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