Kris Jenner’s New Daytime Talk Show Details – Setting Herself Up For Failure?

Kris Jenner’s New Daytime Talk Show Details - Setting Herself Up For Failure?

Are you sitting down? Are you? If not, now would be the perfect time to find a comfy chair to faint in. Kris Jenner – the matriarch, the mother, and the stalwart – is launching her own, executively produced “pop culture-driven daytime talk show” on the 15th of July.

As if being an acerbic bitch wasn’t enough….

Twentieth Television announced today that Robert Lifton will also join her as co-executive producer when the show starts its six-week trial summer run. Although Lifton has over 20 years producing experience, he is but a “novice” in the daytime talk show arena. His list of credits include E! Network’s Daily 10, Fox Sports Network’s Best Damn Sports Show Period, Bravo’s Property Envy, Access Hollywood, and ESPN SportsCenter.

Jenner’s reign as the Kardashian “momager” is slowly coming to an end, so in order to circumvent this, Jenner decided to try her hand at one of the most difficult areas of the entertainment industry – daytime talk shows. Several celebrities have attempted to re-build their careers with this tried and tested formula, but most of them failed within the first six months – except Ellen DeGeneres. Her funny, sympathetic, and inspiring personality won over the masses and made her the most successful talk show host in America.

Unfortunately, Kris Jenner has none of the above mentioned attributes. Her reality show uses clever editing to accentuate her personality, but once she enters the arena of live, talk show television, she won’t be able to hide behind this faux-appearance anymore.

What do you think? Do you think Jenner’s show will be as successful as DeGeneres’? Do you think Jenner is in way over her head? Do you think her show will survive the maximum-exposed summer trial run? Let us know your valuable thoughts in the comments below, will you?

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9 responses to “Kris Jenner’s New Daytime Talk Show Details – Setting Herself Up For Failure?”

  1. boho moth says:

    oh no. That’s the last thing the world needs right now.

  2. haveuheard1 says:

    At least she’ ll have a forum to address all the lies written about her and her children.

  3. Tony says:

    A huge flop…everyone hates that pig…and why would she have anyhing interesting to say?..she has a horrible personality and her only fans are probably paid to like her…Fox is insane to put this admitted adulterer on the air.
    There twitter fans are fake names generated by robots nd paid for….so they aren’t as popular as they put on.

  4. earsucker says:

    Let’s hope the show is a failure and we can go on in our lives with a Kardashian-free existence.

  5. HollywoodHiccups says:

    Everyone loves a train wreck so to start people will watch, but give it 2 weeks and it will be a flop!

  6. Mary Brown says:

    Many with a lot more experience than her have tried and failed. Heck, even Anderson Cooper can’t do it. Oh my God. imagine the first week of her show. She will be trotting out her whole family like cattle. When, oh when will they all finally disappear?

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  8. laphotoman says:

    Kris will fail in a spectacular way. Kanye will dump Kim while on tour and release onstage rants, the likes of wihich we have never seen. No one in there right mind will appear on her show in such a hail storm of bad press. By by Kris.