Kris Jenner’s Talk Show Production Crew Hates Her: She is a Stingy Drunk – Report


It was only a matter of time before someone from Kris Jenner‘s ill-fated 6-week talk show was going to spill the beans on what went on behind-the-scenes, right? Well, thankfully, it didn’t take them very long! You and I both kind of figured that it was a hellish job didn’t we? Well it seems that a member of her production team is happily sharing all the details in the Sept. 16th print edition of Star Magazine.

All those after hours cocktails and bottles of wine throughout the day really seem to catch up with Kris and everyday she showed up hung over looking for hair and make up to hide the mess that she is. We have been hearing for months about Kris being a total drunk and if you’ve tuned in to Keeping Up With the Kardashians, then you’ve seen her falling down totally blitzed on camera, so this nugget only confirms what we already suspected.

Not only does Kris seem to have one hell of a drinking problem, but she’s also super stingy to those she expects to work for her. The audience always received goody bags but rather than also gift the crew, Kris would gather up the leftovers and bring them home to her family. Even at the wrap party where it is customary to give the crew a decent gift, Kris gifted her former staff with blankets that looked like they were stolen from an airplane!

The production crew was praying for the show not to be picked up because 6 weeks was more than enough torture for them all! Did you tune in for any of Kris’ ill-fated talk show? I think we’re all pretty happy to see it bite the dust, aren’t we? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

One response to “Kris Jenner’s Talk Show Production Crew Hates Her: She is a Stingy Drunk – Report”

  1. Angel 2009 says:

    The production crew has my deepest sympathies for what they had to endure – they should sue the drunken plastic hag for PTSD!