Katy Perry Makes Her Alliance to Robert Pattinson Known — Now Kristen Stewart’s Sworn Enemy!

Katy Perry Makes Her Alliance to Robert Pattinson Known -- Now Kristen Stewart's Sworn Enemy!

Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, and Katy Perry have always been good friends. Kristen and Katy share a publicist, Ruth Bernstein. A People article that went up the other day about Katy and Rob hanging out was mysteriously  taken down, soon to be replaced by an article about Katy possibly reconciling with her ex-boyfriend, John Mayer. A lot interesting things happening, no?

It’s pretty clear that Katy’s choosing sides here. Rob and Kristen have broken up, and just the fact that Katy’s been spotted out in public with Rob instead of Kristen means that she’s choosing him over Kristen. Of course, all the reports right now make it seem as though Katy is choosing Rob because she’s into him. It’s possible, but it’s just as possible that she decided that he was right to break up with Kristen and is sticking by her friend.

But it’s interesting – Kristen cheated on her ex-boyfriend [allegedly] to get together with Rob. He caught her cheating and broke up with her almost a year later, and now seems to be moving on with her friend. Even if Katy and Rob are not flirting/dating/screwing, Katy’s still showing a clear sign of allegiance.

Now, I feel really bad for her publicist because it’s pretty obvious that she’s trying to help both of her clients, but their interests right now are conflicting. Kristen’s side of the breakup is that she was being mistreated by Rob and that he was always making her feel guilty about the cheating incident. Rob’s team has been doing their best to show him as the jilted lover who put up with the cranky girlfriend for far too long. What could Kristen’s rep have done when one of her other clients gets seen out in public with Rob? Well, the article’s down now, but not before every other outlet on the Internet picked it up.

So Kristen and Katy are not talking, and Katy’s chosen Rob over her friendship with Kristen, whether it be as pure friendship or something more. It’s all turning out to be very interesting, and we’ll start to get a clearer picture of what’s really happening in the next few weeks.  Do you guys hope that Rob and Katy will hook up? Or do you wish that Kristen and Rob would get back together? Do you think Katy will get back together with John Mayer or stay away?

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Image credit to Fameflynet