Kristen Stewart Plans Next Rupert Sanders Hookup When Robert Pattinson Leaves For New Film Project?

Kristen Stewart Plans Next Rupert Sanders Hookup When Robert Pattinson Leaves For Next Film Project?

Kristen Stewart is a big mass of contradictions lately. I mean, she waited alone for two months for Robert Pattinson to return home from filming in Australia. By all appearances Kristen was on her best behavior while Rob was gone and since reuniting the twosome appear to be on good terms. I mean let’s be serious here, Kristen rarely looks happy and lately she has been accidentally cracking a smile here and there.

So what is this about her meeting lover Rupert Sanders outside a club last weekend? I mean the guy looked like him and drove a car like his and the trampire strolled right outside and hopped into the car- while Rob just so happened to be working in NYC. I’m sure by now Kristen isn’t cocky enough to think that she wouldn’t be caught, especially since that has proven to be untrue in the past.

Supposedly she has never been happy with Rob and is dreading when he leaves to go on location to shoot his next film in August. Aside from me wondering if Kristen will ever be lucky enough to have another location shoot in her stalled out career, I have to wonder if Rupert will make another appearance in her life when Rob leaves. For all we know Kristen may have never really cut him out in the first place! The media just assumes as much but honestly, if she and Rupert want to connect I’m sure they can find a way to do it incognito.

Rob was said to have booked it home from NYC after news of his love climbing into Rupert’s car surfaced last week. Do you think he trusts her at this point? Should he be weary? Is she still the type that needs attention and will seek it from anywhere, or has she reeled in that bad behavior once and for all? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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6 responses to “Kristen Stewart Plans Next Rupert Sanders Hookup When Robert Pattinson Leaves For New Film Project?”

  1. Kstews nosehair says:

    She’s a joke and making Rob look like a fool. He has no reason to trust the queen trampire IMO he should kick her to the curb……

  2. Dear Cate Meighan says:

    While you sit there and write your bullshit article, Kristen and Rob are living their lives and pretty fantastic lives at that. What a disgusting why to make a living. You are no journalist. You are the one with a stalled out career!

  3. northGAgirl says:

    This article is a total contradiction: She’s never been happy with Rob and is dreading when he leaves to go on location….in August”. If you’re going to write trash and try to make it pass for real news please be consistent. The good news is none of our lives are effected by their choices…try to keep that in mind.

  4. Mica says:

    wow, there are so many things you got wrong in this story, which Gossip Cop debunked with actual quotes from the restaurant where the pics came from. First off, Kristen was with some girlfriends at her and Rob’s favorite Mexican restaurant, the same restaurant he threw her 23rd birthday at recently, not outside a club as you indicate. Kristen was waiting with her girlfriends for the valet to bring their car to them. The guy in the car was the valet driver dropping off the car. The restaurant went on record to verify this. Rupert was not there but some crazy Rob Pattinson fans were caught sending all the gossip websites false information that the valet driver was Rupert to make Kristen look bad. Another thing being reported incorrectly…the date. This occurred on a Friday when Rob was still in LA and is verified by restaurant spokesperson and not Sunday when Rob left for NYC on business.

  5. *Arkansas* says:

    Kristen was not out with Rupert while Robert was away. She apparently learned her lesson.

  6. […] The real question is – can she stay faithful to him while he’s away? One could say that she’s learned her lesson and she remained faithful to him while he was filming ‘The Rover’ in Australia. That is true – but she was trying to also win him back at that time, wasn’t she? Now that she’s got him firmly ensconced in relationship bliss again, will she go back to her rumored lover Rupert Sanders? […]