Kristen Stewart Lies About Rupert Sanders Hook Up, Claims He Was The Valet

Kristen Stewart Lies About Rupert Sanders Hook Up, Claims He Was The Valet 0424

Robert Pattinson’s back in town after a quick two-day trip to NYC. Some are saying he rushed back; others that that’s all the trip was scheduled to be. There’s gossipy speculation that he’s ready to confront Kristen Stewart over the mysterious Rupert Sanders photos that got released yesterday. That turned out to be a anti-climactic, right? I thought that would be a huge story yesterday but it kind of fizzled out. Many out there still think that the dude couldn’t possibly have been Rupert Sanders waiting in the car. But it looks just like him! And he drives the same car! Still… people need more convincing I guess. And, unlike before, Kristen is staying quiet on the matter. It’s her friends who are doing the defending.

The UK’s Mirror reports that Kristen’s buddies are stating the mystery dude was the valet and the car belonged to another of Kristen’s friends. This is off to me. Why would Kristen get in the passenger door and why would the valet stay in the car? Don’t they usually get out and let you drive away? And for some reason the photog didn’t catch that. We have no idea if Kristen’s girlfriend in the pic got in the driver’s seat. It’s annoying. We don’t have the whole picture!

So we still have no proof it was Rupert but we do have this lie. Kristen Stewart, for some reason, gave the OK for her friends to throw out this valet nonsense and I’m not buying. And now the whole thing just got weirder. Will we ever know the truth? Maybe if we find out Rob’s moving out of their place again today. That would give us a pretty good indication of what really happened Sunday night. So we’ll have to wait and see!

What’s your take on this? Is Robert Pattinson back to confront the Kristen Stewart/Rupert Sanders hook up or is everything tip top as usual? Do you believe the valet story?


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  • wibblewobble

    Seriously? Anyone surprised? She is who she is. If it wasn’t Rupert, it was another guy who looks exactly like him. Maybe she just has a thing for balding older guys, if it wasn’t Rupert. Or maybe Rupert can’t get a job so is doing valet work now..and didn’t want to leave the car. Or maybe if it looks like a dog and barks like a dog, it is a dog. Sometimes it’s just what’s staring you in the face.

    • Colleen Sarica

      If you would check your facts, when this happened Rob was still in LA – he didn’t leave until Saturday this was Friday night. And Rupert has an English made car and his steering wheel is on the right. You people just can’t leave these two alone. You are despicable. Are you that jealous of them.

  • Colleen Sarica

    you are an idiot. Why can’t you people leave these two alone – If anyone is interested – Rupert has an English car so his steering wheel is on the right. And I know when I have a valet driver and I decide to get in the passenger side they have been in the car and they get out as soon as the driver comes. You people are just to ridiculous. Plus Rob was still in LA when that happened. Not a day or two later. Get yours facts straight or shut up.

  • distachio

    Oh, for heaven’s sake, give it a rest. It is obvious that it WAS the valet.

    After the personal and professional beating she has taken over the last year, do you expect people to believe that pap-hating KStew would go to dinner at a popular restaurant with a group of her and Robert’s friends, walk out the *main entrance where paps are lined up*, and get into a car with — of all people — Rupert Sanders? While Robert was still in town (as the pictures are from Friday night and not Sunday)? She isn’t that stupid and neither are we.

    The car belongs to the curly-haired girl standing on the drivers’ side. There are pictures of her and Stewart driving away.

    Shame on you!

  • distachio

    Um “valet nonsense?” Did you notice that they were standing at the valet station?

  • newlife12

    OMG you people are idiots. Sure – a person who has been through what she has been through has dinner with her friends (and Rob’s), goes out the door and gets into a car with Rupert? As though she really wants to start all that up again. No – the ones who want to stir the pot and create problems for her are people like you tabloid writers – how much easier it is to simply fabricate things than write about something real and of value. Don’t you have anything else to do?

  • Im sure its just a plot for evil tabloids to stur things up between them to make more money i mean think about it only one picture was taken ! If you saw this happening and it really was indeed rupert sanders wouldnt you take more pictures!? Him and her in the car them 2 driving off no! Just a picture of her walking towards the car at night and its pretty dark stupid media you make more money from bad stories than no stories

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