Kristen Stewart And Taylor Swift Friends Because Of Mutual Hate For Katy Perry?

Kristen Stewart And Taylor Swift Friends Because Of Mutual Hate For Katy Perry? 0524

Now this whole Kristen Stewart/Taylor Swift slumber party thing is starting to make sense. I was scratching my head over the whole thing for the last few days. Why would Kristen run to Taylor after the Robert Pattinson break up? Us Weekly claims they have friends in common. Oh really? Who? Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber? That’s not her crowd. But then it dawned on me. Who is the one person both women (and their exes) have in common? Katy I love to flash my big jugs around while looking innocent Perry!

Go with me on this one. I know Taylor and Katy play nice for the cameras. I know they hug at award shows and even twitter back and forth on occasion but come on. Katy dated her John Mayer and everyone knows Taylor thinks John did her wrong. And then we have the Kristen situation. Katy has been labeled a “factor” in her break up. Some (pretty much just me) even think that Katy Perry is lying low right now so she won’t get any unwanted attention from it. She’s been papped swimming in a pool surrounded by dudes this week and it just “leaked” today that she’s boning her agent. Convenient, no? So you’re going to tell me Kristen and Taylor got together and Katy wasn’t brought up in the slightest? That’s like saying Gwyneth Paltrow and Jennifer Aniston were locked in an elevator for 24 hours and didn’t bitch about Angelina. Don’t play me like that! You know it happened!

I wasn’t so sure about my Katy Perry theory until Taylor entered the picture. Now I’m stuck on it. How about you? Are the Taylor Swift break ups providing insight for Kristen’s?

Photo Credit: JACSON/FameFlynet

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  • flying777

    WTF, you can’t make stuff up about thees people fast enough can you.!

  • Jacquie

    How can Kristen blame Katy when we know for a fact she cheated on Rob? It’s her own fault their relationship fell apart!