La Toya Jackson Marries Jeffre Phillips In Secret Ceremony – How Will The Jackson Family React?

La Toya Jackson Marries Jeffre Phillips, Longtime Family Friend, In Secret Ceremony - How Will The Jackson Family React?

Congratulations to La Toya Jackson for her recent marriage to her friend and business partner Jeffre Phillips. Notice how I say friend because prior to this abrupt marriage that’s all he was known as. He wasn’t her boyfriend and unless he was her friend with benefits then this marriage literally came out of nowhere. Don’t know why La Toya would do that especially after what went down with her first husband (allegedly abusive) but here she is a blushing bride again.

The number one thing that comes to mind is how quickly her sister Janet Jackson got married as well. Janet was with her current husband for what a year before they secretly wedded. What’s up with the secret weddings? According to RadarOnline the only family La Toya had at her wedding was her mother Katherine and her nephew. As for the rest of the argumentative Jacksons; they were left off of the guest list, even though it’s been quoted  by her groom that he knew her relatives long before he met her.

I met everyone in her family before her,’ said Phillips. ‘I knew Michael and Jermaine and everyone before I met La Toya and to be honest I thought she was the odd one! Then I met her and saw how smart and talented she was and we just became instant friends.’(The Daily Beast)

Jeffre said this earlier this year. It was around the same time he was supporting her dating other people??  And wait – it gets weirder. Jeffre is primarily recognized as a producer but his latest work consist of “Michael Jackson and Bubbles: The Untold Story” and “Life with La Toya.” So here’s a man used to making money off on the Jackson and he was recently lucky enough to marry in. Coincidence? Not likely!

Could her family have missed their invitation because they would have said the same thing? No one would have arguments if she reeled in a billionaire like Janet did but a “business partner,” with you as his main source of income, would surely get some snide comments. La Toya says she became self-destructive after her ex abused her. It could be she has quite healed yet to realize she deserves better than this.  What’s a male gold digger called?