Lady Gaga’s Terrible Secret Revealed In Court Documents!

Lady Gaga's Terrible Secret Revealed In Court Documents!

Lady Gaga’s eccentricity is what makes her a star. The music industry views normalcy as a negative – it’s boring to be a carbon copy or a pop star corpse. This formula begins with, “We want Rihanna!”, and ends with, “We want someone like Rihanna.” In Gaga’s case, however, there is no such formula. Her rags to riches tale about a normal girl with a dream of becoming famous made her one of the biggest pop stars in recent history.

It’s a fairy tale worth millions, but according to a new TMZ report, this fairy tale could end sooner than first though.

Lady Gaga is so afraid of what is being said in a lawsuit involving two of the people who discovered her, that she’s filed legal docs to try and keep certain information from EVER seeing the light of day,” reveals TMZ. The court documents allegedly contain sensitive information that could “inflict significant and personal harm” to Gaga. The super famous pop star even filed a preliminary gag order to seal the documents and to stop any secrets from becoming public property.

The court case is between Gaga’s close friend, Wendy Starland, and Gaga’s ex-boyfriend and former manager, Rob Fusari. Starland claims “Fusari screwed her out of revenues she felt she was owed for her role in discovering Gaga.

If the secrets are leaked, and Gaga is exposed as a fraud, her public persona might face an early execution.

What could Gaga’s secret be? Could she – God forbid – be normal? Could her public persona be the result of clever PR? If so, what impact will this have on Gaga’s career? Will her fans still believe in her ideology? We think so. What do you think? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

  • DawnS

    I think it will take more than a few dirty secrets to bring lady Gaga down.

  • Ali

    Her fans won’t let anyone bring her down.