Lamar Odom’s Mistress Tells Khloe Kardashian She Wasn’t The Only One

Lamar Odom's Mistress Tells Khloe Kardashian She Wasn't The Only One 0717

Is this kind of like saying don’t kill the messenger, or don’t kill the messenger that’s banging your husband like everyone else? If so then Lamar Odom’s mistress is in for a world of hurt if her main defense is that she wasn’t the only one who Lamar was fooling around with. That might not fly with Khloe Kardashian. Jennifer Richardson may not be Lamar’s only piece on the side but she is the only one talking.

She told Radar Online: “I can tell Khloe that I’m not the only woman; there have been many. I just happened to be around the longest,” Jennifer told the magazine. My advice for Khloe would be to get a divorce. If she thinks he’s going to change, she’s mistaken.”

She also added, “I’m sorry. Lamar led me to believe his marriage was just a business arrangement.”

That’s what I’m talking about! I’ve been telling you for years this marriage was a just a deal. Why else would you meet someone and get married all within a month? I refuse to get over the rumors that Lamar proposed to Taraji P. Henson a couple weeks before he proposed to Khloe. That’s so weird! It would also explain why she conveniently can’t get pregnant. I’m sorry. I love Khloe but I just can’t believe this relationship!

So this trick might be telling the truth. And that might be why the Kardashians are so pissed about it. I don’t think this was orchestrated by them. Lamar got sloppy and his seconds are getting lippy with the press. You know who can save the day? Nori West. Where is that little bundle of joy? Grandmama Kris needs her!


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