LeAnn Rimes Breaks Down in Tears: Cries For Her Ruined Life at The American Country Awards (PHOTOS)

LeAnn Rimes Breaks Down in Tears: Cries For Her Ruined Life at The American Country Awards

Last night was the annual American Country Awards and LeAnn Rimes, who has been noticeably absent from recent award shows despite having just released an album, was not just in attendance but was asked to perform. LeAnn was not nominated for any awards, nor was she there to perform any songs off of her album, Spitfire; she was there to do what she does best and that is emulate one of country music’s greatest artists – Patsy Cline – in a tribute to the late singer.

LeAnn got her break in country music because her singing was reminiscent of Patsy, and LeAnn’s first single – Blue – was actually a song that Patsy was slated to record before her untimely death in a plane crash at the young age of 30.

There will only ever be one Patsy, but LeAnn is also a talented singer who does do Patsy’s songs justice, and last night was no exception. At the end of her performance she broke down in tears, but make no mistake those tears weren’t for Patsy, they were for herself.

In just a few short years LeAnn has gone from being a very successful country singer, to nothing more than tabloid fodder with no one to blame but herself. She lost public respect when she was exposed as a cheater, but garnered the most wrath when she then went on to gloat about it as well as exploit the children of the home she helped to break up. All of this as severely impacted her public image and career.

Her last two albums have failed, and in fact the last album Spitfire which was her first album that she really took more creative control is her biggest failure to date. She is currently without a label and she does not sell out big arenas like she once did. Last night as she stood before a packed house of her peers and members of the public I believe the toll of her actions and where they have led her overcame her; she was crying for what she once had, and for what she has become.

Last night as I watched her I started to understand some of her mind boggling behavior better. Since she was a little girl she has gotten praise and attention – not for being herself – but for imitating another. This certainly explains her troubling obsession with trying to morph into other women – such as Brandi Glanville and Piper Perabo.

What I also saw last night were the first signs that LeAnn is aware of the totality of the decisions she has made. As much as people like to read about a celebrity behaving badly, we also champion for those who make real attempts at change and a comeback – but it starts by owning your mistakes and changing your bad behavior, and I am just not convinced that Ms. Rimes is ready to do either.

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  • Angel 2009

    More inclined to think that being the center of attention onstage, MeAnn decided to shed some crocodile tears for a more dramatic effect. Don’t forget that she’s very good at manipulation.

  • Molly1958

    She did look good last night, but her voice is no longer what it used to be. Not sure why. Her non-working husband looked not so good. He looked dumpy.

  • gessie

    It takes so much energy to be a bitter, fat hag and it is not good for your health. get a new hobby and stop bullying Leann Rines, you loser.

    • julie.zelko

      Have you checked you disque account lately – you are completely bitter about everything and spend a significant amount of time hating – in fact I don’t see any positive comments from you. That is sad.

  • julie.zelko

    Because she is a trainwreck .. plain and simple. That is the nature of the business. If she doesn’t want to be talked about she should stop parading herself around and tweeting manically. And a class act she is not. A class act does not sleep with married men, stalk their ex-wife, sue innocent people, exploit children, bully others, and gloat incessantly. Also a class act doesn’t ruin what was a nice tribute by saying she was thinking about sex the whole time.

  • julie.zelko

    First off she is the one that wants to keep the affair front and center. She tweets about it, talks about it in every interview, and even devoted her last album to it. Also she didn’t just make the 12th spot on the most hated celeb list because of cheating, it was because of her gloating about it after, her continued bashing of her stepsons mother, and the way she exploits them. Just because you have an opinion does not make you a hater, but as a mother and an empathetic human being I do not respect her. The real haters are her friends who bash Brandi on Twitter 24/7. Oh and by the way it is LeAnn with one e.

  • julie.zelko

    Bravo! That was an excellent assessment :)

  • julie.zelko

    Wow .. thank you so much for that – it was particularly nice to read this after being called a bitter fat hag by another commenter on here :)

  • julie.zelko

    It certainly did put the single white female thing into perspective for me. Although it doesn’t excuse her behavior I felt like I understood better where it comes from. Thank you :)

  • drdebo cherry

    she could have already worked thru all this stuff if she’d spent 1/100th the amount of time, energy and money on therapy as she has on her fruitless attempts to keep ahold of a cheating man- he is the loser- not her.

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  • julie.zelko

    ;) and thanks for having my back!

  • julie.zelko

    Thank you – I really appreciate your nice comment, My area of study was Psychology in college so I think that looking for the why has been ingrained into me – haha! And I love the last line you wrote – ” I really think those tears were her realization- “how I’m crazy for loving you…..'” Funny how a lot of Patsy’s songs seem to mirror the LeAnn & Eddie “love story”

  • julie.zelko

    Thank you!!

  • julie.zelko

    First off you are confusing pandering to celebrities with integrity. Also you seem to have a problem with reading comprehension as there were many facts listed throughout the post as well as my opinion – let me lay it out for you in simple terms:
    Fact: LeAnn got her break because she sounded reminiscent of Patsy Cline.
    Fact: Her first single was Blue – which was a song that Patsy was scheduled to record before she died.
    Fact: Despite having just released an album she wasn’t nominated for any awards nor was she asked to perform her songs off Spitfire at the AMA’s or the CMA’s
    Fact: Her last two albums failed
    Fact: She is currently without a label
    Fact: Her tears weren’t for Patsy which now we really know is true because she admitted to thinking about sex throughout the entire performance
    Fact:She doesn’t sell out big arenas like she once did.
    Fact: She cheated on her husband with a married man.
    Fact: She has gone on to gloat about the affair with Eddie and eventually ended up with him.
    Fact: She bashes his ex-wife publicly in the media and on Twitter.
    Fact: She has exploited Brandi and Eddies children (examples: setting up pap photo ops, calling them “my boys”)
    Fact: Her penchant for copying other women is well documented.
    In fact really the only opinion I stated was that I think perhaps her troubling obsession with copying other women stems from the fact that since childhood she has received the most praise when emulating another – as well as my opinion that she is not ready to change.
    You comment on a lot of my LeAnn post and each time you always say that you are not a LeAnn fan but to so passionate that you feel the need to comment so often and write a multiple paragraph comment you clearly are a fan. As for me I am not Team anyone – I just call things as I see them.
    I do suggest that the next time you want to ramble on make sure what you are saying is accurate as clearly you were wrong and there as there were many many facts listed in this post. JZ

  • julie.zelko

    you’re sweet :)

  • julie.zelko

    I stand corrected ;) what a way to hype it – it definitely worked!