• Angel 2009

    LeAnn needs a hobby – clearing mine fields is a great choice!

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  • MissMoody

    Do you have any concept of how Twitter works? It isn’t Facebook. I don’t follow Leann but I do follow a lot of people who I am not personal friends with. And who I am not stalking. In addition, you don’t need to follow someone to see their tweets. People you know may retweet them etc. Again, unless you make your Twitter account private, this is not Facebook. Anyone can follow anyone and thus it is a public forum. Leann can write whatever she wants but once it’s out there, it’s out there for fans, haters and everyone in between to see. Get a clue before you start ranting.


      I’m sorry, #1 Leann stalker, were you offended??!!! Stop stalking and worrying about what I said, I was responding to the post and certainly not ranting. It had nothing to do with you, however, of course the stalkers are the first to feel violated!

  • julie.zelko

    You rock @misssmartypants:disqus, and your stepchildren will grow up loving and respecting you; especially when they become adults and realize the complexity of the situation. The world needs more stepparents like you!! :))


    No, it’s me Brandi, trying to flash you my tampon string!


    So….you, as the author responded to my comment, because you want to continue instigating rumors about LeAnn, even after Eddie stated there is no pending divorce?! Or, is it because you actually meant to say that disgusting Brandi is actually the drunk, mentally unstable person!! Without LeAnn and Eddie to speak about, Brandi has absolutely no relevance. If she did, she would have stopped talking about them after her book was published, as she said she would. I know how Twitter works. But, how funny how the person that responded sure seems like a stalker. I wasn’t directing my comment at her, but she was the only person who knew she was stalking LeAnn, so she had to defend herself by responding. Clearly, stalkers can’t admit, so they make up excuses (the Twitter excuse). One more thing, since I feel so completely honored you responded to my comment, aren’t efficient reporters supposed to be unbiased and factual? Thanks.


    No it’s me Brandi, wanting to flash my tampon string photo for your viewing!

  • LadyJustice

    I think the internet tabloid sites keep this drama going more than the two women. You sure do assume so much without factual information. You sit and take words, tweeted by one woman and twist them into insults, torture, and emotional hijacking. All of this you establish out of a string of 140 characters or less. Have you read the words you type? Very dramatic and it would be insightful have you not allowed your own hatred to spoil your fun. Just because the woman or man uses the phrase: “My boys” doesn’t by any means, mean she/he is taking claim of another woman’s/man’s children and are trying to cause that woman/man emotional pain! Your site is delusional. I’ve called my nieces and nephews “my boys” “my girls” on many occasions! It certainly wasn’t a dig at who gave birth to them. Also, one of these women who proclaims so much has an option. She simply could log off forever! She was the least known person out of these 3 characters. My concern isn’t for any of the adults, but rather for the two innocent children who will one day grow up and possible run across your site. Reading your venom. You simply don’t hate on a step Mom and trying to get people to side with you because you have a personal agenda. Your site is trash! You need to grow up and take your usual backseat to other people’s business in which you make believe you have a front row seat. From all of the stories you have posted, you and only you, are Team Brandi and that is your agenda. Your agenda isn’t hidden anymore. A legitimate reporter never takes sides, and never shows bias in the manner in which you have. We the reader’s should never be able to determine who you’re actually for or against. It should never show in your work. Which makes your stories all one sided and not newsworthy. A biased person can’t give their unbiased opinion on any story. You have yourself a little pot and a stick, in which you stir for your own amusement.