• Angel 2009

    Why are two sick kids being hauled around like so much luggage instead of being taken care of at home? Obviously this vacation is more about what MeAnn wants with no concern for the health of the boys. Just shows a total lack of good parenting skills and that goes for Eddie too!
    As far as that selfie is concerned, we all know her happeeee life is just one big FAKE!

    • Janie Gibson

      I have to agree.. He won’t even look at her.

    • Sadie Marie

      Both kids look fairly miserable in the photos.

  • Molly1958

    I’m curious how LeAnn go so skinny in just a week. In those airport pix, her face looks strained/miserable, so I’m assuming the extreme weight loss was not done in a healthy way. When I try eating healthy and exercising, I can usually lose maybe two pounds in a week.

    Another thing, do she and Eddie EVER take a vacation by themselves? She always seems to take her paid entourage along.

  • dls

    ediot looks happy and in control, mr ed looks old, miserable, and is clutching ediot while being ignored. the dynamics bave changed in this relationship. and the TAN! that is what is off in the pics, thank you for pointing it out

  • Shiloh

    even if the gym selfie is recent, why is she posting it in the first place? she’s so busy packing for the kids and so happy and so in love yet all she can post is a photo of herself alone in the mirror in her gym in her house? where’s eddie? if you’re so in love and happppeeee why isn’t he working out with you? her life just seems really lonely and sad. not so much because it is what it is, but because she tries SO hard to prove it’s the opposite. like the whole “only one who matters” tattoo.. if you have to TATTOO YOUR OWN BODY trying to convince/prove to yourself or the world that you’re the only important one to your womanizing husband, that’s a pretty grand indicator of your lack of self esteem. and people with no self esteem are not happy.

  • Janie Gibson

    I’m so tired of this woman and her sheer evilness. I have to say Ed has moved on, look at his body language… He’s not acknowledging her at all. It’s a done deal. The sad part is LeAnn still doesn’t get it.

  • It’s all about LEann!

  • julie.zelko

    Hi there .. it is because the picture is of her mirror image so everything is reversed … and Happy New Year!!

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  • gessie

    They got divorced in Aspen.