LeAnn Rimes Laxative Addiction Enabled By Tour Manager – Jonathan Jaxson Tells All!

LeAnn Rimes Laxative Addiction Enabled By Tour Manager - Jonathan Jaxson Tells All!

Remember the name Jonathan Jaxson folks, because you’re going to be hearing a lot more about him come the next few weeks and months. Jonathan has just written a book titled Don’t You Know Who I Am Yet?, chronicling his encounters and exploits throughout his career as a Hollywood publicist. And one chance encounter had him getting some dirt on everybody’s favorite [not] reality star, LeAnn Rimes.

A passage from Jonathan’s book focuses on how he had dinner with LeAnn, Eddie Cibrian, LeAnn’s tour manager, and several others in their group. Although he makes a brief mention of LeAnn’s Twitter abuse and feud with Brandi Glanville, he also makes a mention of Leann’s laxative abuse.

Say what? That’s right, LeAnn Rimes had a laxative addiction. Or at least, she used them often. Jonathan reveals that after dinner, LeAnn’s tour manager came up to his room and asked him for a threesome, but was then interrupted by Leann asking for her laxatives.

The passage from the book reads:

Just as we were getting ready to send him to his room, he got a call and suddenly pulled himself together. I could hear LeAnn’s voice on the other end of the conversation, before he said this.

 “I gotta go,” he said quickly. “LeAnn needs her laxatives.” I have no idea if this was a one-time thing or an issue, and really it was none of my business. It was just odd that he would discuss this in front of us. It gave me an uneasy feeling.

Of course, LeAnn is reportedly not happy with what Jonathan has been telling the world about her, but how will she be able to sue if he’s telling the truth? Jonathan’s already said that the portion of the book detailing her exploits is tiny, and really, LeAnn should just happy about the exposure.

What do you guys think about Jonathan’s book and his revelations about LeAnn? Does it surprise you? Let us know in the comments.


Photo Credit: FameFlynet and Jonathan Jaxson

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