7 responses to “LeAnn Rimes Attacks Brandi Glanville – Calls Her “Horrible” as Twitter War Erupts”

  1. This is really getting old between these two.

  2. Angel 2009 says:

    LeAnn thrives on the attention she gets for stirring the pot – it has become a sick and twisted obsession.

  3. Mary Andraso says:

    I’m sorry but she is just not attractive. Poor Eddie, no wonder he wants Brandi back!

  4. allie says:

    I’m surprised this is still going on, seriously

  5. […] married but this has done little to improve LeAnn’s now tarnished reputation mainly because she continues to antagonize and bash Eddies ex-wife Brandi – who is also the mother of his two […]

  6. MSMOMMYGJ says:

    I think you really should be worrying more about your lack of BASIC education than LeAnn!!! PLEASE learn to spell before you ever address or comment on anybody’s post or article ever again. Buy a dictionary or use spell check at the least!1. It’s Brandi’s, not Brandi husband, 2. capitalize Rimes instead of rimes, 3. fans, not fan’s and 4. manners, not manors. Other than that, you have your opinion about LeAnn and I have mine. Why are you trolling LeAnn posts that are already over 10 months old if you don’t like her?!!!!

    • Connie Watson says:

      Obviously you didn’t read your first post before you proof read my post. Trolling LeAnn (better capitulation and spelling? ) posts is actually incorrect if you would have checked what I was commenting on. It was a article on how LeAnn (again, is this correct? ) has yet again made ridiculous statements and foolish action’s were noticed yet again.
      My education and background has been sufficient in my judgment of someone who would attack a post that was thrown together in between tennis set’s on my phone. I definitely apologize for the mistakes that happened, you definitely deserve all of my respect for your kind personal attack. But I will say a prayer for you, it seems to me you could use all the prayers you could get right now. Good luck and God bless.