LeAnn Rimes, Eddie Cibrian Pitching Reality Show – Will Brandi Glanville Turn Up?

LeAnn Rimes, Eddie Cibrian Pitching Reality Show - Will Brandi Glanville Turn Up? 0329

You knew this was bound to happen, right? I just wish LeAnn Rimes would do what we all want her to do and go on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills instead. No one cares about her stolen family. We do, on the other hand, really want so see her have to interact with Brandi Glanville with copious amounts of wine around.

Sadly that’s not to be. LeAnn and Eddie Cibrian consider themselves among the elite – the Osbournes, the Hogans, the Simmons. They want their family to have its own show and I’m guessing an appearance by Brandi will not be made. According to Gossip Cop, LeAnn Rimes’ pitching a docu-drama on her life and has been busy shopping the idea around town. I have no idea if anyone has signed them yet. I’m sure someone will it just depends if LeAnn will deign to be on VHI or Oxygen or something like that. I doubt Bravo will give them a chance.

But I wonder what the pitch was. Dried out singer with past demons implants herself with new family and spends her time learning to be a mother by avoiding calories and breaking down over twitter? Sign me up! I’ll watch that train wreck – Brandi or no Brandi. Actually, I’m not so sure. Although it may seem I’ll couch for any ‘ole reality crap I do have standards. Brandi may be Gerard Butler’s f-ck buddy but she’s also witty and funny. She knows how to keep us entertained with that pirate hooker mouth of hers. I just can’t see LeAnn doing the same. I’m afraid LeAnn Rimes’ reality show will be all about vindication – all about telling her side of the story and showing us she’s not an alcoholic anorexic. That’s nice and all but who wants to see that? If I was in the mood for that I’d watch Intervention. That’s a damn good show  and doesn’t have Eddie Cibrian on it which is always a plus.

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3 responses to “LeAnn Rimes, Eddie Cibrian Pitching Reality Show – Will Brandi Glanville Turn Up?”

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  3. Jessie Ong says:

    reality show? why? to be able to justify leeann and eddie’s cheating with their respective spouses before they divorce them and got married? to teach the young people to disrespect the sanctity of marriage? well if majority of women and men are like or can relate to leean and eddie, who are both “other woman” and “other man” of their former partners before they end end up with each other, then i believe that their plan for reality show will be a success and of course young people will learn to cheat first, inflict pain to your respective partners before ending your marriage.. what an example to young minds!