• julie.zelko

    Mahalo :) And yes it seems so odd that she chose to lie when telling the truth would have been the better – not to mention simpler option!!

  • vallybutterfly

    The photos are taken at a different angle. Looks like she kept the diamond but changed the setting to something more simple yet classic/classy. Anyway who cares??

    • julie.zelko

      Aloha – The diamonds are not the same no matter what angle you look at it. One is much flatter and a different shape. And like it or not it has been a story that people have been interested in. In the world of celebrity gossip we write what the people want and if they weren’t interested we wouldn’t waste our time. And at the end of the day LeAnn made it a story by lying … the truth would have been the better option :) JZ

  • gessie

    Oh my God, who cares. I can’t believe I wasted my time reading this.

    • Angel 2009

      You’re such a transparent fool – you knew it was about MeAnn so why even bother to hit the link. You must enjoy your mantle of idiocy.

      • julie.zelko

        Exactly! gessie reads everything and anything about LeAnn just so “she” can post a negative comment!

  • carrie

    who cares?

    • julie.zelko

      Judging by all the retweets … many :)

  • saucy

    her face in that photo is hilarious. eddie cib looks so miserable in every photo w her

  • Mary Andraso

    Forget the ring…those HUGE nostrils are killing me! Poor Eddie has to look at this “O” face?

  • Yorkshirerose

    I broke my little finger 2 days after Maggie did (I fell over the cat, the cat was fine). I couldn’t use my hand very well if anything at all and it was strapped up to my next finger for a month. It still aches now and there was no way (even with a high pain threshold) I could bear weight on it. My point is, Maggie can’t throw a punch to save her life and badly bruised her hand.

    As for the ring, who cares, she lies, this isn’t news to anyone. She could be wearing a plastic toy ring and she’d still try to tell everyone it was the same ring.

  • julie.zelko

    And a very very Happy New Year to you!!!