LeAnn Rimes Pregnancy Plan Prevents Eddie Cibrian From Cheating? (Photos)

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There were rumblings a few weeks ago that LeAnn Rimes was headed for another stint in a facility because she wasn’t dealing well at all with Brandi Glanville’s tell-all book that paints an absolutely pathetic picture of the washed up country star.  In case you’ve forgotten, Eddie Cibrian cheated on then-wife Brandi with LeAnn and all hell broke loose. Brandi kicked him to the curb and now three years later, after LeAnn and Eddie have settled into a dysfunctional marriage of their own, Brandi has decided to spill the beans.

We know that LeAnn is rumored to have an eating disorder and some sort of substance abuse problem. She also likes to spend her days embroiled in Twitter wars with people that like to push her buttons. We also know that she is terrified that Eddie is going to cheat on her and so she seems to have abandoned any hope of rekindling a career so that she can keep both eyes on him at all times. According to the March 25th print edition of In Touch she is also ready to have a baby. So much so that she has willingly gained weight to get her body as healthy as possible in order to carry a baby.

Here’s the thing. In LeAnn’s mind a child will keep Eddie with her forever because they will then be bound by flesh and blood. She seems to have not noticed how badly that turned out for Brandi, mother to Eddie’s two sons!  Thinking that a baby will keep Eddie in line is one of the craziest thoughts LeAnn has ever had! It didn’t keep him at home with his first wife who absolutely adored him and it won’t work for LeAnn either!

Do you think LeAnn has gone completely off the deep end here? Does a Leann Rimes pregnancy plan make sense? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

Singer LeAnn Rimes is pictured at the ITV Studios in London on March 15th 2013.

Photo Credit: FameFlynet

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6 responses to “LeAnn Rimes Pregnancy Plan Prevents Eddie Cibrian From Cheating? (Photos)”

  1. Gayle Samson says:

    , you aren’t biased or anything. What a terrible writer you are.

  2. Leann is literally in a fish bowl. Her every action or reaction is an event to be dissected and evaluated. Every conclusion is either a. she’s crazy. b. she’s copying Brandi c. Eddie’s going to cheat so she’s irrational. d. she wants to be Brandi. e. she’s buying Eddie’s affection. Then the media knows this mess is a money maker cuz they have the cray cray Brandiloonies to go all out on their support cha-ching. Brandi is constantly stoking the fire for her financial gain cha-ching. If I was Leann dealing with all the mudslinging and allegations I’d be a serious alcholic or addict and I don’t even drink or take drugs. I’d be begging to go to treatment to get away from this B.S. She sought help; a good move. She moved from Brandi’s neighborhood; but is accused of buying the house to keep Eddie. If she wants to have a baby she accused of trying to keep Eds from cheating. Why shouldn’t she want a baby? She’s married. She recorded a new album. Oh, her songs are insensitive, etc, etc. Get over it. Brandi is crying all the way to the bank. She’s rich bitches! LOL

  3. Holly says:

    I can’t wait until her Spit Fire album is finally in my hands! (big smile)

    God bless you and LeAnn always!!!

    Holly in East Tennessee (a day one fan of her)

    • Naunceling says:

      The two singles released last year have yet to make an appearance on the Billboard Country 100.
      No radio will play her anymore. She is loathed by Nashville.
      The ode to adultery, self pity fest, album will fare no better.

      It will go straight to the sale bins of Walmart, like her last albums.

  4. Janet357 says:

    Leann Rimes wants a baby so she can cement herself in Brandis life forever. She is obsessed with Brandi. I still can’t believe Eddie does not see how sick this woman is. Very scarey for those 2 little boys. I think her handlers keep her from getting help so they don’t get cut-off financially.

    She’s Jodi Arias status in my book.

  5. ShelliP says:

    Abandoning all hope of rekindling a career? Are you on crack? Leann has a new album about to drop and all serious critic agree she is making the best music of her career. Get real! She works her ass off and your stuck in 2009. Biased much?