LeAnn Rimes’ “Sex Thoughts” To Keep From Crying While Paying Tribute To Patsy Cline

LeAnn Rimes' "Sex Thoughts" To Keep From Crying While Paying Tribute To Patsy Cline

Well that didn’t take long. After finally having a good night where she got all cleaned up, was performing for a significant audience, and didn’t spend her performance on the floor reading lyrics off a paper she had to go and open her mouth and remind us that among other things she lacks both class and dignity.

On Tuesday night, LeAnn performed a medley of Patsy Cline’s greatest hits as a tribute to the late singers at the AMA’s. Although she didn’t sound as good as she once did, her performance went over well earning her praise from even some of her biggest detractors. At the end of her performance she broke down in tears which was likely a mixture of a.) relief that she didn’t royally mess up and b.) being on stage in front of that particular audience was a reminded of the success she once enjoyed but ruined by her very public bad behavior.

One would think that having finally had a good moment she would be humble, gracious, and watch what she says – but not our Ms. Rimes – oh no… she never misses an opportunity to stick her dang foot in her mouth. First off this performance wasn’t about LeAnn, it was about the 50th anniversary of Patsy’s untimely death, but apparently LeAnn didn’t get that memo and made it an opportunity to be like, “look at me y’all I done did good.” When interviewed by Entertainment Tonight the ‘never humble but should be’ singer said that during her performance, “you could hear a pin drop.” Oh my gawd girl … stop … just stop. You toot your horn like 24/7 it is embarrassing, just take a damn break. Other people are supposed to say that about your performance not you.

She also went and tarnished what many described as an “emotional performance,” – a tribute to a true country legend that perished far too young – when she said that during her performance she thought about sex the whole time. TMI LeANN. T.M.I.
LeAnn told ET that to keep herself from crying while singing she employed a trick she learned from her guitar player saying, “my guitar player he has always given me the trick that works, always think about sex when you start to cry. And I was thinking about sex a lot through the whole thing.” That is just inappropriate. I don’t doubt that she was thinking about sex the whole time but that isn’t something she had to share with us, a simple, “it took every ounce of strength I had not to cry,” would have sufficed. Also, seriously speaking, when LeAnn thinks of sex other people cry – like Brandi Glanville!

What she did in just a few short seconds is take a moment that was actually positive and debase it by showing us once again who she truly is. I also hope her stepsons don’t see this interview, because it is embarrassing and awkward to see your current stepmom talking like that. I am so glad I am not part of LeAnn’s PR team, because I can imagine that banging your head against the wall every time she opens that big ole mouth must get pretty painful.

Her inappropriate comments didn’t just mar what was a nice tribute, but it seemed like a desperate attempt to be seen as sexual. It reminded me of the time that she was up late drinking and tweeting (allegedly of course) about sex with her fans and she said she likes to, “lick it, suck it, spit fire.” That one was pretty priceless and for a second I thought my eyes had deceived me, but they hadn’t. The next day – probably while in a hung over haze – she had tweeters remorse and deleted it. Note to LeAnn, we really don’t want to think about you in that way so just stop bringing it up. Thanks.

Photo Credit: FameFlynet

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