Michael Lohan Wants To Break Lindsay Lohan Out Of Betty Ford and Send Her To Florida

Michael Lohan Wants To Break Lindsay Lohan Out Of Betty Ford and Send Her To Florida

Lindsay Lohan’s father, Michael Lohan, wants to “break Lindsay out of rehab” at the Betty Ford Center in Rancho Mirage, CA. Just a few days ago, he was willing to do family/group therapy with his ex-wife, Dina to help Lindsay. He swears that Betty Ford is a 30 day treatment center not 90, and it won’t help Lindsay. He told Radar that he’d like for her to be transferred to the Lukens Institute, located on a secluded estate in Palm Beach, Florida.

On the Lukens website, the facility is described as a luxury rehab center – nothing’s too good for Lindsay! It’s a “sophisticated treatment center for sophisticated clients—yes, that accurately describes klepto-chain smoking Lindsay! It’s also for high functioning individuals—Lindsay, not so much. It’s a wonder she can get out of bed everyday! I don’t know if Michael is getting a cut of Lindsay’s fees if she goes to Lukens, like her sleazy ex-lawyer tried to do with the Seafield Center in Westhampton Beach, NY. It’s not going to happen anyway as the judge has only approved the Betty Ford Center, which was chosen so Lindsay could still feed one of her addictions—nicotine! If she moves anywhere else, it will be a violation of her sentence.

Honestly, Lindsay needs jail. Not luxury. A cold, crummy metal cell with a scary cellmate! She needs to be scared straight! That girl runs from trouble! Jail for Lindsay would be a win-win for everyone! The best part would be that we wouldn’t hear about her for 90 days! Although I’ve heard that it’s easier to get drugs in jail than it is on the outside.  Maybe we just need to send Lindsay to the moon! Rehab on the moon!

Lindsay seems immune to any kind of help or recovery. I don’t know what would cause this girl to take her life seriously and turn it around. A near-death experience? Seeing her sister following in her same destructive footsteps? Why won’t the world shun her? Why do people continue to help her? What is it about her that appeals to people? And EVERY SINGLE TIME she disappoints! Stealing jewelry, destroying borrowed dresses, wrecking cars, etc. You name it-she’s done it. Yet people continue to aid and abet her. The only thing she hasn’t stolen recently is a scene in a move! She is a mess! I hope she’s forced to stay at Betty Ford and the entire family goes through some kind of therapy. God knows they all need it.

Editor’s Note: On the long list of things that need doing in this world, Lindsay Lohan’s rehabilitation and her fu**ked up family’s therapy are way down near the bottom.  Why should I care if they obviously don’t?

Photo Credit: FameFlynet