Lindsay Lohan Steals From Anger Management Jewelry, Clothes, Shoes, Sunglasses – Trades For Crack Cocaine In Brazil? (PHOTO)

Lindsay Lohan Stole From Anger Management Jewelry, Clothes, Shoes, Sunglasses – Traded For Crack In Brazil? (PHOTO)

Lindsay Lohan is really pushing her luck. Following a very positive day on the set of Anger Management, Lindsay was back to her old self in just 24 hours. TMZ is reporting that Lindsay allegedly stole expensive items from the wardrobe department of the show.

Lindsay was shooting a guest spot on Anger Management just before she was to leave for a job in Brazil. Apparently she forgot to pack some items to wear to her club appearance in Sao Paulo because she left the set with jewelry, clothes, shoes and sunglasses. Per TMZ, Lindsay told friends she paid for the items and asked for the cost to be deducted from her paycheck. Well, this being Lindsay you should take that statement with a grain of salt. Sources from the show told TMZ that’s not how it happened. A wardrobe staff person told producers that Lindsay walked off with the items and that cost of the clothes and jewelry needed to be deducted from Lindsay’s pay check. She asked Lindsay to write a check but Lindsay declined.

Who does this girl think she is? Lindsay asked Charlie Sheen for a job because she has back taxes and lawyers bills to pay. Charlie, being her self appointed guardian angel, came through for her. In return Lindsay had total disregard for her friend and the show’s staff. Lindsay fooled everyone the first day on set by being early for her call time and being a true professional. Overnight, something clicked in her brain that she could take advantage of Charlie like she does everyone else. Lindsay is a true example of having a narcissistic personality. The items she stole were ultimately paid for but it’s the principle of the point. Charlie was probably her last friend in Hollywood and I’m willing to bet he is going to write her off, too.

It’s been said Lindsay has not hit rock bottom yet and that’s why her behavior has not changed. As long as people feel sorry for Lindsay she will never hit rock bottom. Even the judge in her lying to cops case had pity on her. He agreed to rehab in lieu of jail as Lindsay’s punishment. I’m hoping Lindsay gets jail time for lying to the police. She won’t have any enablers or sympathizers if the book is thrown at her.

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  1. The judge gave her rehab instead of jail time because she would have done a a few days at most in county but the rehad she will do the full 90.