Lindsey Vonn’s Suicidal Family and Ex-Husband Make Even Cheater Tiger Woods Look Good!

Lindsey Vonn's Dysfunctional Ex-Husband and Family Make Even Cheater Tiger Woods Look Good!

I have to admit, when Lindsey Vonn and Tiger Woods made their relationship public last month I was baffled. Like, why on earth would this guy look like relationship material to any woman, seriously? Then we heard that Lindsey was seeing Kris Humphries while doing Tiger and it made more sense. I mean, she’s as good as he is when it comes to loyalty I guess so maybe this match will work!

This week the National Enquirer has dug up some info on Lindsey’s WAY dysfunctional family and ex-husband – and now I totally get why a guy like Tiger would be appealing. Apparently she comes from a childhood full of mental illness, debts, divorce and parental kidnapping accusations. Her mom, Linda Krohn, had a stroke not long after Lindsey was born and it unraveled the entire family. Supposedly Linda became depressed and attempted suicide. The parental mess was huge and Lindsay was pretty much stuck raising herself in the middle of it all.

Tiger may be a chronic cheater, but he also makes work a priority and appears to make his two kids with ex, Elin Nordegren a real priority. Right there, life with him would be a radical upgrade from what Lindsey has previously experienced. I’m betting that growing up in such dysfunction also taught her not to put her eggs all in one basket because you really don’t know who is trustworthy!

Will Lindsay and Tiger make it for any length of time as a couple? Do you think that he has learned anything from years of embarrassment? Is he capable of ever being exclusively faithful to any woman? Can you imagine what he must have had to tell Lindsey to get her trust him even a little? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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