Low Winter Sun RECAP 10/6/13: Season 1 Finale “Ann Arbor;Surrender”

Low Winter Sun RECAP 10/6/13: Season 1 Finale “Ann Arbor;Surrender”

Tonight on AMC their new gritty, edgy and provocative crime drama, LOW WINTER SUN returns with a two-hour special and their season 1 finale,  called “Ann Arbor;Surrender”.  On tonight’s show Damon makes his boldest move yet.  Did you watch last week’s episode?  We did and we have a full and detailed recap here for you.

On last week’s show Frank testifies in court. Geddes took his family on a trip. Damon and Maya started their new lives under Skelos.

On tonight’s show Frank grapples with his sanity as the realities of his actions start to take their toll. Meanwhile, the DPD catches a major break in the McCann case.  While the DPD gets close to solving McCann’s murder, Frank is forced to make a critical decision. Damon makes his boldest move yet.

I am so excited for tonight’s finale, it looks like it is going to be a great new show, which you won’t want to miss. So be sure to tune in for our live coverage of AMC’s Low Winter Sun Season 1 episode 9 & 10 — tonight at 10 PM EST! While you wait for our recap check out the sneak peek video below of tonight’s episode!

RECAP: We see some kid sitting in a car with Frank who questions if he’s in his first year , the kid tells him he is and Frank tells him the nerves will go away in time and that he will be fine.

He has Frank in custody, Frank says he’s a detective and a lot of people are looking for him. The other cop comes in and an escort is on the way to get Frank.

Frank is now in a car driving over a bridge, he’s smoking at the same time listening to the radio. Frank is laughing at the radio but coughing from the cigarette; it’s a radio story about bad cops. Frank calls Joe but once again he gets the answering machine, Frank tells him how he hasn’t slept or eaten anything. Trey calls Frank and asks for his ride back. Charles calls Frank asking him to come over, Frank goes to his house and goes looking for him. Frank pushes through the kid and enters the house and Charles asks why the hell he is there; Frank tells him to resign. Frank tells him he murdered a cop and Frank shuts up; Charles says he trust him but after he came marching in telling him to resign was just plain dumb. Charles says Frank is no longer working for him and doesn’t want him to bring down the department; if it’s found out Charles believes they’ll be ruined. Charles tells him to get to the office, Frank once again calls Shawn and asks if he’s still being tailed. Shawn says that they are out there, Frank asks Shawn to meet him somewhere with all the files in his house.

Shawn brings over all the stuff and then gets in the car, Frank then hands Shawn a bunch of money and the two drive off.

Shawn says he took a peek of Frank’s files and asks about the girl in Chicago, Frank says she is dead. Shawn asks him what’s going on and Frank admits to killing Brendan; Shawn then says he figured it was something like that. Shawn then tells him about his prison life if he turns himself in; Frank drops Shaun off at some street. Shawn tells Frank he’s sorry about the girl being dead but reminds him being alive sucks as well but that’s how life works; he says bye and then leaves. Joe calls Frank and tells him he’s going to ruin him, Frank is tired of Joe’s lies and tells Joe to get ready. Frank says he’s going to turn both of them in today, Frank is in a diner and makes a call. Frank is trying to call a girl named Melissa; he tells her that her brother did not commit suicide. He tells her a file number and then makes a couple of more calls; Frank starts handing out the file number to more names. Trey comes in and Frank gives him the keys; Frank tells Trey he’s got a future and should not have a gun with him. Trey then leaves.

Frank gets a call from Charles and is told that he will bring him in if Frank does not arrive; Frank knocks on the door of a house and meets a woman who’s son died and tells her son didn’t kill anyone. Frank then hands her a picture of Damon who killed her son, he gives her the picture and tells her that her boy really didn’t kill anyone.

Frank is sitting in his car and gets a radio transmission which is an awareness to find Frank; he’s being hunted down by the police and he just opens a gate to some place and starts looking in to the water of this abandoned building.

Frank walks around the bank of the water and stares at it. Frank is now kicking down a door in rage.

Frank then calls the airport and asks for a reservation.

Frank gets a flight to Toronto, Canada and is now in some waiting room; but he is not allowed to make a transaction. Frank says he’s been in the bank for 16 years and has no idea why this happens, a woman then comes over and Frank wants to close his account. She isn’t sure if they can do that much money for him but Frank says that he’s been waiting for a long time and just wants his money; Frank then shows them his badge and tells them he wants his money.

Frank calls Charles and he is questioned about what he’s doing with file numbers; Frank says that he is going to need someone to pick him up. Frank sees drive by and he then goes into his house and packs a bag really fast getting ready to leave; he takes all the money he has hidden in his house. Frank gets back to his car and then notices the construction going on, a construction worker gives him the finger and Frank punches him. Frank is then ganged up on by four of them, he walks away after taking a hit and tells them they do an amazing job as assholes. Frank drives off and one of the workers throw a rock at his cars windshield. Frank is running late, he gets to the airport and starts hurrying to get on his flight to Toronto. Frank is walking thorough the parking lot but goes down, a woman comes over and sees him and believes he’s having a hear attack. Frank tells her to stop and pulls out a gun, he tells her she’s a cop and needs a minute with her. Frank asks her what car she has and asks for the key to her car. He tells her not to move for five miniatures and throws her a bunch of cash; Frank then wobbles away.

Frank is in the car and listening to the radio; he gets out and knocks on the door of a house; they refuse to let him in but he asks to let him in. Frank begs for him to open the door or he will kick it down, Frank says he’s in trouble and has a restraining order. She didn’t open his box and never opened any of them and she says they ruin her day. She says she hides everything from her husband, she tells Frank there is something wrong with him. She goes to the phone this woman and threatens to call 911. Frank puts a gun on the table and she stops; he takes out the clip inside of the gun and tells her it’s the last time he will see her and just wanted to say goodbye. She accepts his offer to be with her for a while, Frank sits down and finally takes a breath. Frank says that he has no idea how he got in his situation in his life, she doesn’t want to help him. Frank says he’s being looked for and had a heart attack; he mentions wanting to go to Germany. Frank says he wanted to go far away, she tells him to sit down but Frank wants to stand. Frank mentions meeting a woman and that she was amazing; he loved talking to her and being with her. She asks about when they met, Frank says it was real. Frank picks up her phone and it’s John her husband, she says he will call the police and it’s what Frank wants. Frank hears a baby calling and is confused that she had a baby, he mentions how she didn’t want kids but she says she didn’t want any with him. She says that Frank is death; she has a new life and is glad he’s not around anymore. She says she will always care for him but it’s not her crap to deal with but his, she says that she doesn’t want her kid to see him ever because he is death. Frank then gets up and leaves; he tells her to go check on her son and he loads the gun. Frank take a gun to his head and is thinking about suicide; she offers to sit with him. She begs him to put the gun down, Frank then takes the gun away from his head and asks her sons name. She tells him it’s Andrew, Frank says he likes it. Frank tells her he loves her.

The woman is questioned by the cops if she needs to press charges; the cop says he has no idea what’s going on with Frank and that he is driving him back. She says to make sure he’s safe; Frank is in the police car and is driven away.

Frank is brought to the department and is dropped off at the front steps; Frank then walks into the department and goes into the elevator. A man questions who he is and pats Frank on the back complimenting him; Frank is confused. Frank reaches his floor and goes inside. Charles says he’s thankful he’s okay, Charles then mentions how Joe is now handling it all. Frank opens the door and sees Shawn in the interrogation room; he took the blame for everything.

Frank is bleeding from his nose and reads this paper; he asks what the hell Joe dide; Joe thought it was him but Frank says he needs to talk to Shawn or he will make a scene nobody will recover from. Frank walks in to see Shawn, Frank he rips up Shawn’s writing. Frank asks him to look at him and says it wont happen, Shawn says that he screwed Susan; he mentioned how did it several times. Shawn is trying to piss off Frank, Shawn starts telling Frank the story perfectly about how he killed Brendan.

Frank comes back to Joe and Charles; he asks if he has to eat this up. Joe says Charles is right, Frank then says that Shawn killed no one and he tells Joe that he didn’t have to kill Katia. Joe then tells Frank to confess if he wants; Frank makes it clear that Frank will not let Shawn take the fall. Shawn is then handcuffed by Simon because of being reported of car jacking a woman at the airport.

Damon goes over and shoots a man in his limo, they then shove the bodies in the back of the car and hijack it. Frank is in interrogation and Simon comes in to ask him questions. Simon says that Frank is a murderer; Frank calls him a prick who can’t handle being ridiculed. Simon mentions how Frank has female troubles and self control issues; Simon says that Frank’s body is telling him to give up. Frank says to get his lawyer. Maya is at her sisters house and tells her sister she is not going back; her sister says she will never get her kids back or she will rain down hell on her. Joe and Dani have Shawn in the car; Shawn calls Joe a murderer and then takes a snort of coke. Joe starts questioning Shawn about what went down the whole time, he gives them a whole act taking the fall for everything that went down.

Frank has his lawyer over and tells him to go find Shawn; he will then talk about all the details. A man comes in to question Frank, he mentions how he wants to talk about getting a conviction and that Simon can go screw himself.

Frank leaves the interrogation room and Simon tells him that he should have made a deal; Frank shoves Simon to the floor and goes to see Maya. Frank comes in and then says how Shawn confessed to 3 murders and wants her to alibi him; he tells her to come right now or he will cuff the kids. Damon is shoving the body in the trunk of a car and drive it to some scrap yard. Charles is interviewed by people outside the department and Frank’s lawyer sees Frank outside and has Maya to help him. The lawyer says there is no evidence for Shawn to have done anything. This woman comes over with a picture that killed her boy; Joe says they should take it somewhere else. This woman is telling them all Frank told her that Damon is her boys murderer; she is going on about them all being corrupt.

Maya is asking what Shawn is doing; Shawn says he committed the murders. Shawn then says how he saw his kids and was made out to be seen as a molester; Shawn then mentions that he is there because everyone gave up on him like she did with the kids. Shawn then grabs her hand and tells her to pull the trigger and kill him; as if she had a gun. Shawn then goes back into custody, Maya mentions how Shawn wont see Frank or the lawyer. Joe arrives home and his family is watching the TV and what happened between him and his work; April’s mother saw the news and kind of wants her to move back. Joe says he has to go and says that April is better of with her mother; Maya gets a call from Damon who says he killed the guy. She tells him how Shawn confessed to the murders and is confused by it; Damon tells her to come home and that he loves her.

Joe walks into Frank’s house and Frank says he should kill Joe; Joe says he probably should. Frank says that it’s over, Shawn is taking the fall and there’s nothing he can do. Joe says that he can’t do anything about Shawn taking the fall; Frank mentions he’s bankrupt and spent all his money. Frank has the phone Brendan used before his murder; Joe then leaves Frank’s house.

Frank opens up the evidence and places the phone into the evidence against Shawn. Simon says that Frank and Joe killed Brendan; Frank tells him to go for it if he believes it is true. Simon says that he has a video of Frank pretending to be Brendan instead; the coroner looked into Brendan’s stomach and he found that the content of his stomach would have been missing. Simon says that Brendan is already dead; he then says that his star witness was found dead.

Simon keeps going on about how he believes Frank and Joe are the obvious murderers; Charles says it’s a hell of a story but they have evidence about it all being on Shawn.

Frank walks out of the room and he mentions how Dani wore a wire; she questions his Germany. Dani calls him a coward and to stop pretending. Damon says it makes no sense that he’s confused about Shawn taking the fall to his friend Nick; Damon then mentions that when he gets home Maya will be there and it will be fine. Damon leaves the room and knocks on the neighboring door;he walks away from the rooms and is met with a man who has a mask. The man takes a gun and shoots Damon dead; Nick runs outside and finds Damon on the ground.

Simon starts freaking out when he is told he is wrong; Frank stares Simon down and Simon says he knows he is right. Simon starts laughing and is really pissed off and smashes something against the table; Frank stares at him more and walks away.

Frank visits Shawn and is impressed how Brendan’s phone was found. Frank says goodbye to Shawn but Shawn says he told Frank that he is no good.

Frank walks into Charles’s office with Joe and says that he solved 3 murders. Charles says he would fire bot h of them if it wasn’t for what they have done.

Frank walks out and tells Dani she is a good cop and tells her to pack up and leave; Simon goes hom and starts drinking, he turns on the TV and keeps looking at the video of Brendan walking home drunk. The guys who killed Damon now talk about Frank. Maya is at home waiting for Damon but instead Nick pulls up into the drive way and tells her that Damon is dead. Joe is smoking at home and walks into his house telling his mother and April that he doesn’t care where she goes but says that April belongs in his house and doesn’t care what she wants. Joe mentions that his big case is over, they got the murderer.

Frank walks into a room and see Katia’s corpse; he confirms the corpse is the woman he was looking for and will be making arrangements for the funeral.

He is questioned about her name but doesn’t answer.