Michael Jackson’s Drug Addiction and Child Molestation Charges Back In Court – Jackson Family Trashes MJ’s Legacy

The Jackson Family is At it Again ! - They Want More Money from Michael

The wrongful death lawsuit of the King of Pop, Michael Jackson, goes to trial today. The entire lawsuit is focused on one allegation. The Jackson Family believes that AEG Live, the company that was running Michael’s comeback tour, were liable for his death when the good Doctor Conrad Murray signed onto the tour. An entire case is gearing up around this matter with jurors being questioned about allegations against Michael, for a fair hearing. However looking at the family’s case there’s just a couple of problems with their massive assumption.

First off, AEG are claiming that Michael hired the doctor and not them. After all they’re wealthy promoters and not baby-sitters.  There isn’t even the excuse that Michael took drugs in order to be better at rehearsals or out fear for losing his promoters. The head of AEG Live, Randy Phillips, testified at Murray trial that “No one on our end was ever contemplating pulling the plug.”  So despite what Michael may have told people about any pressure, it could have all been just an addict trying to convince others and most especially himself that he needed the drugs.

There are numerous accounts of Michael being an addict long before the doctor came on the scene. TMZ reported on Michael having 19 aliases to score Rx drugs from various doctors. But the trial also provided the info that it was Michael’s people that were searching for amendable doctors. They were said rejected medical professionals that testified that Michael told them that he could easily take propofol, the drug that killed him, at home. Why? Because he made sure to find the doctors that would agree to it after being rejected by actual professionals. So when Michael’s people found Murray, they became liable not AEG.

If anyone needs to be sued it should be the personal assistants that found the doctor. Then again I doubt these people earn more than a middle class wage while AEG on the other hand can be sued for 40 billion dollars.

This is the family that pushed Michael into the headlights when he was still a child. It got to the point that whenever Michael wasn’t on stage he became lonely and depressed. Even close friends attested to that being the beginning of his addiction. So really what can we expect from the Jackson Family.

Are they going to try and kidnap their matriarch again? No that won’t be useful anymore; Michael’s kids are now under a joint guardianship. Also Katherine was pretty pissed and refused to see her children for a while afterwards. With money grubbing children learning a lesson last time; what other avenue could they get money from?

Katherine Jackson, matriarch, has asked for an increase every couple of years from Michael’s estate, 2010 and 2012. Only recently on March 13, Katherine filed paperwork for the estate pay her co-guardian. 9,000 a month for spending time with three kids and he’s not even the nanny. I can see why the family wants to replenish the estate.  Katherine most likely hands out necessities to her children and/or grandchildren.

Yet when this case gets them nothing but a lawyer’s bill, what’s next? Will they use Prince Michael’s acting career? Was that really his idea or theirs? Since that’s just what the man, who covered his children face, wanted. You could tell the lack of appreciation for Michael the moment his past allegations were going to be thrown into a 20+ page questionnaire and his family never thought “maybe we should stop now”.

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