Michael Jackson Wrongful Death Lawsuit By Greedy Katherine Jackson Dismissed By California Court

Michael Jackson Wrongful Death Lawsuit By Greedy Katherine Jackson Dismissed By California Court

Katherine Jackson’s crusade to seek more money justice for the death of her beloved son Michael Jackson, has hit a road block. Poor Katherine! According to court documents, Katherine is suing for $40 billion in damages. That’s a lot of dough! Reportedly, all of her claims in a wrongful death lawsuit against AEG and its president Tim Leiweke were thrown out by a California court. But apparently, one of her claims still stands a chance. Not so fast. Don’t celebrate just yet Katherine. The remaining defendants have filed legal documents with the Court of Appeal in California to dismiss that one last remaining claim, which is whether AEG Live neglectfully put Dr. Conrad Murray on its payroll.

The California Court of Appeals has ordered the King of Pop’s medical records unsealed due to all these claims. Maybe some information will be leaked out.

Dr. Murray is already serving some time in jail. He was convicted back in 2011 of involuntary manslaughter death of Michael after giving the pop star a fatal dose of Propofol to help him catch some Z’s and satisfy his raging drug addiction. But it seems that Dr. Murray hadn’t officially signed an employment contract with AEG when Jackson died in 2009. Uh-oh. That wasn’t a smart move. Looks like AEG may be off the hook.

AEG Live’s attorney, Marvin Putnam, had this to say if the case gets the green light, “AEG Live had no idea Jackson was looking for a doctor to give him propofol or that Dr. Murray had agreed to provide the dangerous drug to him. Mr. Jackson’s death was a horrible tragedy for which AEG Live is simply not responsible.” Ouch!

The so-called trial is slated for April 1. We’ll see if it makes it there! We hope Katherine gets the peace she is searching for – more money and more people to blame for her son’s death. The Jackson family seems to be falling apart. It’s just not the same without Michael! Of course the Jackson family was still pretty f**ked up when Michael was alive.

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  • AlexisPratt

    This family always was & always will be dysfunctional & so addicted to money & attention that they never stop to think about the consequences of their actions.

    And instead of assuming any responsibility for their own bad choices, they blame other people for their problems.

    The family drove Michael insane & he drove them insane & it was an endless cycle of dysfunction.

    And I think his children will end up just as screwed up as the rest of them. Desperate for attention no matter how negative it is & incapable of making decisions that don’t wind up biting them in the butt. And then blaming other people whenever things go wrong.

  • It’s so transparent how greedy Joe and Katherine are. See how fully involved they are with sleazy French perfumer Juian Rouas from Julian Rouas Paris, lately renamed the JRP Collection Paris, to exploit MJ’s death with a line of illegal tribute fragrances…

  • Conrad Murray in E-Mails Generated by AEG WAS Their Employee and ON Their Payroll. MJ had Lupus and Vitiligo. He Never Administered Drugs to Himself, Nor Could He Inject Himself, He Had Child’s Fear of Needles. MJ Had a Life Long Struggle with Sleep Problems Stemming from a Childhood Spent on the Road Performing without A Lot of Sleep and The Hours on Stage Performing All Over the World on Behalf of the Needs of Children and the Needy. Lupus WOULD NOT ALLOW HIM TO BE AS DRUG ADDICTED AS REPORTS, Sorry. I Knew MJ 31 Years, He Never Even Took Tylenol for a Headache Himself. Drugs For Pain, Headaches, Sleep Were Administered to Him By Doctors HIRED BY HANDLERS AND CONCERT PROMOTERS. Katherine Jackson is NOT Greedy, She Lost Her Son to Murder and Our State Budge Problems and Over Crowding In Jails Led to Murray’s Lesser Sentence. He Had a Mortgage for His Home in Vegas Held By Colony Capital the SAME Company That Held One for NEVERLAND VALLEY RANCH. GET IT? MJ was Murdered. Mrs. Jackson Wants The Children to Have The Kind of Estate Inheritance Comparable to What He Would Have Made Overall Had He Lived. It’s for the Love and Sake of His Three Children Who were 7 1/2, 11 and 12 When He Passed. If ANYONE Was GREEDY It’s AEG, The Contract Showed Dr. Thome as “MJ”, MJ as “The Artist”, and MJ PAID FOR EVERYTHING AT THE HOUSE, STAFF, AND “This is It” Expenses and Then AEG, “Reimbursed” MJ for What He Spent Stipulating – Buried in the Depths of the Letter of Agreement, i.e., “Contract” the Word ADVANCES Meaning, What THEY Reimbursed MJ With For Monies Spent, They ALSO DEDUCTED FROM HIS FINAL PAY, Had He Lived He Would Have Collected 5$. MJ Was Mishandled by Thome WHO WAS ALSO AN EMPLOYEE OF AEG!!!!! AND ASSOCIATED WITH COLONY CAPITAL LLC!!!! May Mrs. Jackson Get The Justice She is Seeking for MJ and His Children.

    • yaangie09



      The Internet is full of self-righteous, ranting bloggers, journalists and brain-washed media sheep (like the first two commenters; though first commenter just leaves same “fragrance” posts under Internet articles).

      It is obvious that these kinds of commenters deliberately click into Jackson-related articles simply in order to rant, (As in the second comment by a Pratt – in both senses of the word) their *self-appointed expert* opinions on Michael’s and or/ Jackson family psyche. Rants like these say more about the individuals behind these kinds of articles and comments. Most of them just like to put this family down, regardless!

      (Rolls eyes)!

  • Michael wasn’t a raging addict and propoful is an anisthectic that knocks you out for surgeries (puts you to sleep) it doesn’t satisfy an addiction. All he was craving was sleep (just not for forever) : … ( 40 Billion dollars ?? is ridiculas

  • Here we go again….having to clean up Jackson “family’s” mess….defending Mr Jackson against addiction claims. This takes me back to the last 4 years, especially Conrad Murray trial during which Jackson so-called family talked/wrote of MJs so called addiction. Who needs enemies when u have jacksons as your family. Lets start by stating the obvious. This lawsuit has nothing to do with justice, everything to do with greed. Katherine sold out MJs interests to Garner money for her greedy bunch when Michael was alive so is it any surprise that she would have her dead son’s reputation dragged thru mud n put
    his minor kids thru emotional
    trauma to Garner money for her greedy bunch now?

  • juneyny

    The only count remaining is for the “negligent hiring” of Murray by AEG. She claims AEG didn’t perform sufficient background check or would have known Dr. was in debt. So just what does that mean exactly. If our doctors are “in debt” we should be afraid they will betray their oath in treating us to first do no harm. Michael wanted Dr. Murray, would not perform without Dr. Murray, and paid the ultimate price for choosing a corrupt, immoral (now former) doctor.

  • Tabinformed

    Raging drug addiction? Insomnia treatment is so far removed from your ugly and untrue statement. You might try reading the autopsy and toxicology reports which showed no evidence of any drugs other than those given to Jackson by Murray, the felon, to treat him for insomnia. Ignorant and judgemental media are so tiresome.

  • juneyny

    Michael Jackson had no “raging drug addiction”. By the way, Katherine Jackson admitted in her answers to discovery qeustions that she was aware Michael had used propofol. Joe Jackson pleaded with her to visit Michael at his Carolwood home, but alas Katherine said no she didn’t want to disturb his privacy. Because Michael loved his mother, he was very generous toward her; she was the only one who could get through to him. So why did she not try in the last months of his life. And by the way again, the court has already ruled Murray worked as an independent contractor, he and he alone was in charge of Michael’s treatments and was not told by AEG or anyone else how to “treat” Michael.