Michael Jackson Hid In Terror From Katherine Jackson and His Brothers – New Book

Michael Jackson Hid In Terror From Katherine Jackson and His Brothers - New Book

It has been clear for ages that when you enter then world of Michael Jackson, you enter an alternate reality. Jackson’s final years were plagued by financial and legal problems, and a heavy dose of public scrutiny – remember the balcony baby-dangling fiasco? I do not wish to speak ill of the dead, so we can just all agree that Michael was a special snowflake.

Ever hear the old saying, “The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree”? In the December 3rd print edition, GLOBE sheds some light on just how strange, and downright SAD, the relationship with his family really was. Reports of a secret room in Michael’s house surfaced in 2003, amidst sexual abuse charges, when police discovered the room in a raid. According to GLOBE, this room was used to hide from his own FAMILY!

Several details of the deceased King of Pop’s life are being unveiled in a new biography by Randall Sullivan titled “The Strange Life and Tragic Death of Michael Jackson”. GLOBE reports:

A sobbing, scared to death Michael Jackson and his children cowered in the secret safe room as rampaging intruders-his own greedy relatives-tore apart his Neverland ranch looking for loot! That’s the shocking picture painted by a blockbuster new biography about the King of Pop, ‘the strange life and tragic death of Michael Jackson’ by Randall Sullivan.

Apparently, Michael had agreed to give each family member who participated in the 30th Anniversary Jackson 5 concerts – two concerts held at New York’s Madison Square Garden in 2001- a hefty sum of $250,000. Easy money, seeing as how Michael was willing to shell out the cash even if the family member just sat in the audience and flashed a smile onscreen. All was well and good until big brother Jermaine Jackson learned that Michael was pulling in a cool $10 million for the show. So Jermaine, with parents Katherine and Joe Jackson in tow, went to Michael’s mansion to throw a massive bitch-fit. After gaining entry by claiming they had to use the bathroom, GLOBE reports:

The family “literally ransacked the place,” a source told the author.

Meanwhile, Michael retreated with son Prince, then 4, and 3-year-old daughter Paris to “a hiding place concealed behind the secret door at the back of his bedroom closet.”

From there, he called a producer friend. “He was in tears, whimpering into the phone,” the book says. According to the biography, Michael told the producer, “you see what they do to me?”

Sadface. I can only imagine what other horrors are yet to be discovered. Luckily, many close to Michael’s three children Prince, Paris and Blanket insist that the kiddos are adjusting to life without their father, and are doing quite well. But with Katherine and Joe’s involvement in their life, let’s just hope the madness doesn’t spread to the youngest Jacksons.

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  • Oh please… GLOBE as a serious source?

    And since when has Randall Sullivan been relevant about MJs life as a journalist and author of… whatever about MJ?

    All of a sudden, there are so many so called experts about MJs life writing books about him, best about his private life, if … they have never met him, never had a chance to interview the real people of MJs inner circle or lets say his friends and check their socalled investigative findings with reality, like that in this article about a socalled secret room…., hallo!!!!????

    A secret room? Known only after 2003? Come on…

    Thats one of the best examples how pathetic and amateurish this book is.

    The other filthy tabloid gossip… BS about the things he doesnt have a clue… about…

  • What a dysfunctional family! Now, Katherine Jackson has befriended a rather shady French perfumer Julian Rouas , and after the failed Jackson Tribute Fragrances a Paris Jackson perfume is in the making. Money before ethic… This is so nauseating! Read the disturbing truth in this shocking and exhaustive blog about Julian Rouas Paris and the Jackson venture… http://jacksontributefragrances.blogspot.com

  • septspirit

    What happened to common sense? People are so gullible. If Jackson was so terrified of his mother/family, does it make any kind of sense that he’d make his mother guardian of his children? Use your heads. Stop believing everything you read. Medialoid is absent of ethics, and when it comes to the Jacksons, they push it even further, often blatantly lying.

  • This is only a book trash recycled from tabloids trash both full of LIES

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