Michael Jackson Was A Serial Pedophile, Paid $35 Million In Hush Money, Reveals FBI Files

Michael Jackson Was A Serial Pedophile, Paid $35 Million In Hush Money, Reveals FBI Files 0630

According to new, secret FBI files, Michael Jackson was a serial pedophile that paid tens of millions to silence the families of his victims. Reportedly seen by The Sunday People, the files reveal Jackson molested at least 17 boys within a 15 year period and paid over $35 million to cover his tracks.

Oddly enough it seems Jackson commissioned the files. At the suggestion of Elizabeth Taylor, he hired Hollywood private eye, Anthony Pellicano, around 1993 to target his victims and make sure they kept quiet, but after Pellicano was investigated in 2002 for bugging celebrities, the FBI seized his files, including those involving Jackson’s sick perversions. An investigator who worked for Pellicano released his copies to the British newspaper. The Sunday People could not explain why these files were left out of the 2005 molestation trial where Jackson was eventually cleared of charges.

The files suggest Jackson groomed children starting back as early as 1989. Among other things, they allege he watched porn while assaulting one child, molested a famous star and fondled another child’s genitals in a movie theater. Most of the parents had no idea but some turned a blind eye. The files also corroborate the new claim that dancer, Wade Robson, was indeed one of the children molested at Neverland Ranch. Apparently Jackson was quite ruthless when it came to staying clean. He paid a lot of money to keep his victims from talking and used Pellicano to harass the fear into them.

I’m not sure why all this is coming out now. If these files are real it seems a shame they couldn’t have been used before in the trials. The unnamed investigator says the files may be able to help Wade Robson in his case and entice others to come forward.

What do you think of this story? Could it be this investigator is just trying to make a buck off with these reported files with all the attention surrounding Paris Jackson’s suicide attempt and the Jackson family’s lawsuit against AEG or could there be some truth to the documents? If they are true, it makes you sick to your stomach, right? Sick because of what Michael Jackson did and sick because so many people knew and did nothing to stop it.

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  • So sad that I actually believe this.

    • Julia Berkowitz

      So sad that it’s so easy to brainwash people…

      • Chloe

        Jacko is a brainwashed freak who does that to kids I’m descustad in him he should be fed to dogs I fell sooooo sorry to the kids

  • whatintheworld1234

    This article is failing to mention the main source of the allegations, a tape recorded between two Neverland employees who I think were fired after under 10 months employment for stealing. The tape was recorded on the same day the first lot of actual allegations officially came out, not before. Type in the names of Phillip Lemarque and Stella Marcroft. They’ve made the rounds with their story before in 1993 and 2003, this is simply just a newly revealed recording of it. Instead of taking it to the authorities, and probably when they couldn’t get a pay off from MJ, they went straight to a tabloid for a pay day. Read the Sunday People article, from where this one gets its information, then do a 5 minute Google search for those names and you will come to the same conclusion. The real FBI files released on MJ state they found nothing (available for public viewing on website). An unexpected raid on his ranch found nothing. Non-story, this is just a regurgitation made to sound legitimate.

  • Gorges Walker

    Michael Jackson was a child molester and now the world has proof.

  • Gorges Walker

    Now we know the truth about Jackson.

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  • Julia Berkowitz

    These are not FBI files. MJ’s FBI files have been released in 2009 and
    are freely available on the FBI’s official website. They do not contain
    anything that the Mirror claims.

    2) The documents the
    Mirror posted come from tapaed conversations of a tabloid journalist,
    Jim Mitteager which were inherited by PI and tabloid broker, Paul
    Barresi. Barresi also thrown the in the mix the interview he did with
    the LeMarques in 1993 in order to sell their story to tabloids.

    It’s amazing how the media can act that the LeMarques’ claims are some
    new revelations which “prove” that MJ molested Macaulay Culkin. They are
    neither anything new, nor do they prove anything. Philip LeMarque was
    called to testify in 2005 and was utterly discredited on the stand. It’s
    clear they made up their story to sell it to tabloids and to cash-in on
    it. How can you claim that despite Culkin refuting them on the stand
    that these people’s words, who were proven to be not credible at all,
    somehow “prove” he was molested?

    4) The documents
    the Mirror posted do not prove what they claim in their article. There
    is no evidence in them that MJ paid off 24 boys.

    The allegation quoted in one of those documents that he paid off a boy
    in 1992 $600,000 turned out to be a fake story long time ago by a woman
    who tried to sell tabloid stories in 1993 and claimed to have worked for
    Jordan Chandler. It turned out to be not true and the boy named in the document does not even exist.

    Pellicano is in jail since 2002. He was quoted by a tabloid saying that
    and no context was given, which is always suspicious. You guys love to
    quote this one sentence but not that on the same day the same tabloid in
    another article about Pellicano said that Pellicano has incriminating
    evidence about Jackson’s accusers (and he does).

    The Mirror is also very selective in what they publish from the
    Mitteager tapes, that they now call “FBI files”. LOL. It’s actually full
    of information that exonerates Jackson. There’s a tape from September
    1994 where Pellicano tells Mitteager how Jackson was innocent in the
    allegations. This was months after Pellicano left Jackson’s employment.
    Another part of the tapes prove how Mitteager, as a National Enquirer
    journalist offered $200,000 to a family back in 1993 to make up false
    child abuse allegations about MJ. Of course The Mirror won’t publish

    I’m utterly disgusted by what you guys are doing.

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  • GCT

    Too many allegations, Gene Simmons is right on the money.

  • Chloe

    Right back a ya ya dog go get [expletive]