Michelle Williams and Jason Segel Split: Breakup Due To Jason Cheating?

Michelle Williams and Jason Segel Split: Breakup Due To Jason Cheating?

Michelle Williams and Jason Segel have officially broken up, according to this article from US Weekly. The official reason being given for their breakup is that the ‘distance’ has become too difficult for their relationship, considering that she lives in New York and he lives in Los Angeles. While that’s standard publicist talk, that doesn’t really explain what really happened, does it? They have been living on separate sides of the country for more than a year now, and it was never an issue before, so why now?

Not only that, but there were rumors [and even reports from legitimate sources] that they were living together in Brooklyn, that Michelle’s daughter Matilda was very close to Jason, and that Jason was either very close to proposing or had already proposed to Michelle. Then, they suddenly breakup – because of ‘distance’.

Yeah, not buying it. It’s obvious Michelle was trying to bury this report, and the only reason it came out now [despite the breakup happening earlier this month] is because she’s been busy promoting ‘Oz: The Great and the Powerful’ and people were bound to ask her questions about it.

We all know that Jason Segel had a bit of a reputation with the ladies, but it really seemed as if Michelle had changed him. What if that wasn’t the case? Even she admitted that she didn’t even know who he was when she first met him, and that all she knew was that he was in the Muppets movie. Could he have returned to his philandering ways when he couldn’t see Michelle as often as he wanted? Or it just really just – plain and simple – distance issues?

Even though we desperately don’t want it to be true [I mean, they are SO cute together], why else would it be sunshine and rainbows one day [with talk of engagement] and then a sudden breakup the next? The tabloids did not see this coming, and it doesn’t look like we did either. Of course, Michelle Williams has been hesitant to open up to men in the past couple of years [understandably], and it could just be that she wanted to get out of the relationship before she felt she would get hurt.

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