Miley Cyrus and Anna Wintour To Collaborate On Fashion Line – Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Lose Their Minds!

Miley Cyrus and Anna Wintour To Collaborate On Fashion Line - Kim Kardashian Loses Her Mind!

There’s an interesting rumor circulating. It’s about Miley Cyrus, our favorite talented and a little bit trashy child star, and Anna Wintour hooking up to create a fashion line together. If it’s true I want to be a fly on the wall for that.

Somehow I can’t visualize Trailer Park Punk meeting the Devil Wears Prada. I’m sure it can be done by someone truly creative but these two women won’t be able to pull it off. For one when Miley gets excited it’s hard to comprehend her accent and for another these people aren’t designers.

Star Mag blabs away, “Miley is keen on emulating Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen as child stars who became successful fashion designers and she will launch a couture line that rivals the Olsens’ high-end line The Row. She has brainstorming ideas for her debut collection and getting advice from Anna.”

Back up plans are nice. That’s how Jessica Simpson made her money. But give credit where it’s due; Jessica is really good. While Miley here has yet to find an identity she’s willing to stick with for longer than a season. She was princess, then fashion forward, then punk, and now she’s doing her best imitation of a white girl pretending to be a black girl.

Anna could honestly love her like a daughter but she won’t purposely sink her own brand over Miley. What Miley needs to do is find herself and fix or break things with Liam Hemsworth. Once she’s done that maybe we can start taking her seriously.  Meanwhile Kim Kardashian ate an entire roast pig when she heard that Miley and Anna were going to collaborate.

Miley and Kim at Met Gala 2103

Photo Credit: FameFlynet