Miley Cyrus Drug Use Out of Control: Admits She Needs Rehab (PHOTOS)

Miley Cyrus Drug Use Out of Control: Admits She Needs Rehab (PHOTOS)

I guess it’s considered a breakthrough for Miley Cyrus to realize that she might just need a bit of help right? After twerking all over the place, glorifying drug use and riding a wrecking ball naked it seems that the fallen Disney princess gets the fact that this is perhaps not the best life path in the long run. According to the Nov. 11th print edition of In Touch magazine Miley recently had a breakdown that left her admitting that she’s in way over her head and could use an arm to pull her out of the muck.

Here’s the thing though, after that meltdown ended Miley seemed to regroup and continue on her merry way, partying until she ran into Lindsay Lohan and then partying even harder. It seems to me that Miley has yet to actually hit the kind of “bottom” that demands that a person make some changes. Clearly she’s not there yet.

Did Miranda Kerr cheat on Orlando Bloom with Leonardo Dicaprio? Is that the real reason behind the couples’ split after six years together? Sources close to the couple say that they were discussing ending things over a year ago but tried to hang on for the sake of their son. Apparently they couldn’t fake it any more and admitted that divorce is imminent.

Also in In Touch you can catch up on all of the Kardashian details. Apparently Kanye West is turning into a total groomzilla already! Is anyone really surprised by this? Kanye believes he’s a god-like designer and a legendary creative type so of course he’s going to turn his wedding to Kim Kardashian into an epic mess. Do you think these two will ever even make it down the aisle? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

Miley Cyrus looking a little out of it while taking a ride with a friend and stopping to take a pictures with some fan in Studio City, California on October 29

Image Credit: In Touch and FameFlynet