Miley Cyrus Topless on MTV – That’s The Plan!

Miley Cyrus Topless on MTV - That's The Plan!

Seems like former Disney princess and every little girl’s idol Hannah Montana Miley Cyrus can’t stay out of the headlines these days since her over-the-top salacious performance at the VMA’s. I don’t think she minds much since she admitted in her documentary Miley: The Movement, “You’re always going to make people talk, you might as well make them talk for like two weeks rather than two seconds.” Mission accomplished Miley because here we are still talking/writing about you.

In the documentary while bonding with Queen B herself – Britney Spears – Miley admits that her performance didn’t go quite as planned because if she had it her way she would have been topless. The 20 year told Britney, “I tried, but I don’t think MTV’s going to allow it.” Excuse me while I make a note to send out a thank you card to MTV for putting the old kibosh on that idea. As for the now infamous VMA performance Miley called it a “strategic hot mess.” In this case strategic seems to be code word for backtrack – kind of like falling on your ass in front of a crowd and exclaiming, “I meant to do that!

Miley Cyrus Topless on MTV - That's The Plan!

She also claims she is the same as she always was and is not in a time of transition saying, “It’s a movement, it’s a growth, it’s a change.” All words synonymous with transition – but hey you say tomato I say tomatHO. I will say I admire her openness and honesty, but I wouldn’t be being honest if I didn’t say I kind of miss the old Miley – you know the one that always had her tongue in her mouth and didn’t twerk her way through the day.

Miley Cyrus Topless on MTV - That's The Plan!

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  1. I’m not liking this Miley either.

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