Mindy McCready Planned Suicide Death Long Before She Shot Herself Sunday Afternoon

Mindy McCready Planned Suicide Death Long Before She Shot Herself Sunday Afternoon

No one seems too shocked by yesterday’s suicide of Mindy McCready.  What started as a shining career for the blonde back in the mid-90’s was quickly followed by years of trouble. You name it, Mindy dealt with it. Drugs, alcohol addiction, previous suicide attempts, a high profile reality television stint in Dr. Drew’s Celebrity Rehab didn’t even expel Mindy’s personal demons. Even worse, the birth of two stunning little boys didn’t prompt the troubled star to dig deep in order to finally heal from whatever it was that haunted her.

Billy McKnight, McCready’s former husband made the morning show rounds earlier today. According to him no one that knew Mindy could be very surprised by her suicide. She avoided dealing with the deep rooted problems that caused her vices in the first place. He believed that she saw death as a true escape from all of her pain.

According to multiple news outlets Mindy was court committed a few weeks ago but only held for a few days. McKnight says one of her biggest downfalls was her ability to say the right things and talk herself out of serious situations. He believed that if she stayed inpatient and buckled down and went through her stuff once and for all, then their 6 year old son, Zander would still have a mother.

Instead she talked her way out of the hospital and her father, Tim McCready came to stay with her for a few weeks. He felt confident finally leaving her alone on Sunday- the day of her death. Tim said that his daughter was in good spirits and that he never would have imagined that it would be the day that she would take her own life. It sounds like Mindy was a textbook case. People that formulate a suicide plan and truly intend to follow through bide their time. There’s also a sense of peace in knowing that the end of their suffering is near. What Tim mistook as his daughter doing better was actually her making peace with the idea of dying and finding comfort in what she was about to do once she finally was left alone.

The question still remains about how her boyfriend, David Wilson died back in January. His death, initially thought to be a suicide is still under investigation. While Mindy was never actually named a suspect it was certainly insinuated. She claimed that they had been fighting but she had no idea that he was suicidal. What would prompt a seemingly stable guy to kill himself is still a mystery. What we do know is that Mindy killed herself with a gunshot on the front porch in the same spot where David died last month. Obviously she was desperate to remain connected to him in whatever way that she could.

Will we ever learn what really happened to David? Do you think the accusations were just the final straw for Mindy? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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  1. Jenni Brett says:

    Really??? Reallyyyy???? You want a comment on her feelings of accusations of possibly mudering her boyfriend HOURS after her OWN suicide???? YOU GUYS ARE SICK!!!

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