Miranda Lambert Cheated On Blake Shelton With His Best Friend Jamey Johnson – Caught Hooking Up on Tour

Miranda Lambert Cheated On Blake Shelton With His Best Friend Jamey Johnson - Caught Having Sex Together on Tour

Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton are no strangers to scandal. His flirty nature and drunken, bad-boy behavior is always grabbing headlines and rumors abound that Blake is cheating. Just this week we told you in detail about his flirtation with Lindsey Sporrer at Usher’s recent birthday party. The two were connected all night and certainly didn’t shy away from photos either. It never fails, Blake gets busted with some younger chick while Miranda is at home knitting or something. What’s interesting is that it was actually she who cheated first!

According to the Oct. 29th print edition of Star Magazine, Miranda hooked up with one of Blake’s closest pals, Jamey Johnson back in 2007 while on tour. His band mates were looking for him and when they finally found him, Miranda was on him, literally. While rumors about the two hooking up flared a little she was able to keep things under wraps until recently when there was a reference about Jamey made in front of Blake. He had been in the dark for years and went through the roof when Miranda came clean about the fling.

Finding out that Miranda cheated years ago probably washes away any guilt that Blake may momentarily have when he is in the wrong chicks bed now! Blake is still furious with his wife and now it seems the playing field is pretty level- neither of them has any reason to trust the other! Do you think that there’s any chance that this marriage will actually last? Or is Miranda’s insistence that they will never divorce just wishful thinking on her part? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

Photo Credit: FameFlynet