Miranda Lambert Pregnant With Blake Shelton’s Baby: Hopes a Child Will Straighten Husband Out – Report (PHOTO)

Miranda Lambert Pregnant With Blake Shelton's Baby: Hopes a Child Will Straighten Husband Out - Report (PHOTO)

Just in case Miranda Lambert’s marriage to Blake Shelton wasn’t rocky enough it seems she is under the crazy impression that starting a family will fix things. I guess Miranda believes that if Blake is a father then it’ll force him to clean up his act while away from home and become the kind of guy that she needs him to be. According to the Nov. 4th print edition of Life & Style Magazine Miranda recently shared the news that she’s ready to be a mom and Blake is thrilled with the idea of them finally being parents.

He may think he’s ready for fatherhood but I suspect his version of it will still include lots of time on the road and a whole handful of random women that seem like a good idea when he has his beer goggles on. Do you think that he is even remotely capable of being loyal to his wife? Let’s not forget that Miranda’s relationship with Blake began while he was married to his first wife so his track record for monogamy is lousy at best!

Did you know that Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson are still hooking up? For real, if the two happen to be in the same place at the same time then Rob is still more than willing to hit it. Rumor has it Kristen is clinging to the hope that Rob will come to his senses and want to continue their failed relationship but that doesn’t seem too likely. Instead he has made it clear that all that they share now is sex and that he wants to continue dating a few other women!

Prince George’s christening is today but somehow Life & Style got their hands on a bunch of early details that are included in a new cover article. Do you think that the Royals will play nice on this special day or is Camilla Parker-Bowles going to raise hell? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

Image Credit: Life and Style

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