Miranda Lambert: Unfaithful Cheater Can’t Judge Blake Shelton

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The tabloids have been going crazy for weeks about the marriage of Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert. Supposedly there have been some serious problems in paradise for the couple, mainly due to Blake’s seeming inability to keep it in his pants. He started a Twitter flirtation with Nashville ingenue, Cady Groves that seemed to cross a lot of boundaries. It’s still unclear whether or not Blake hooked up with Kady but he appeared in her first video and she enjoyed admitting that the very first thing that they did upon meeting was get completely smashed together.

Miranda is said to have confronted the woman but the whole thing has totally rattled her cage because she knows exactly how her husband operates – especially since she started off as his mistress. The two got together while Blake was married to Kaynette Gern and also while Miranda was dating Jeff Allen.

That’s right, for some reason the press never latched onto the fact that Miranda was in a four year relationship with Jeff when she hooked up with Blake! She is just as incapable of fidelity as he is and perhaps that is what binds them tighter than anything else! No one knows how a cheater thinks, as well as someone equally shady.

Miranda has admitted to checking Blake’s texts and monitoring phone calls. At this point I have to wonder if he cares enough to do the same! Think about it, we hear all about Miranda’s double checking- straight from her, but Blake never says anything, never throws any shade in his wife’s direction. Do you think he trusts her implicitly? Or is it because if he says anything to raise eyebrows then maybe she’ll dig deeper into whatever he may be doing? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

Photo Credit: FameFlynet

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