MSN’s 21 Days of Healthy Habits: Keri Glassman’s Tips to Get Your 2013 Off to a Healthy Start!

MSN's 21 Days of Healthy Habits: Keri Glassman's Tips to Get Your 2013 Off to a Healthy Start!

2013 is officially here to stay and with the New Year comes resolutions. Everyone makes them, and everyone tries to honor them, but with busy schedules and hectic day-to-day demands, many people lose sight of their goals and fall short. According to MSN and Impulse, nearly 30 percent of people vowed to lead healthier lives in the coming year, but — and there’s always a but when resolutions are invovled — 39 percent of people said that their busy schedules often time get in the way and impede their chances to successfully stick to their New Year’s goals.

We are all guilty of using the “lack of time” excuse. But if your goal is to lead a healthier life in the New Year, then don’t let a lack of time be a road block for you — or your body! Celebrated nutritionist and author Keri Glassman has teamed up with MSN to get your 2013 off to a healthy, wonderful, beneficial start. Ready to meet the new and improved you?

Below we have a few of Keri’s tips, all of which will be featured during the course of 21 day program, which will strive to highlight healthy habits for you to start practicing. Don’t forget to check out the following tips; also, don’t forget to check out the MSN blog for further information!

Think of every meal as a “Monday morning”:

  • People too frequently throw in the towel after making one “bad” diet decision. Instead, think of every meal like a “Monday morning”. Don’t we all start the week off on a healthy note?  If you compartmentalize each meal you will be much less likely to let one little slip throw you completely off track.
New Year, New You . . . . Clean Slate, Clean Pantry:
  • Clean out your pantry: Spend five minutes pulling out items that are either OLD, unhealthy, or you simply over-consume. Ditch ‘em or donate to a local food pantry and make room for NEW healthier foods. This also helps you get organized for meal planning.
Technology Is Your Friend:
  • A recent MSN and Impulse study showed that more than 75 percent of people use apps or search online for health and fitness tipsMSN is a fantastic one-stop resource where you can quickly get advice, tips and inspiration.  And for those of you on Windows 8, you can easily access MSN and a myriad of health tips on Healthy Living with the swipe of a finger faster than ever before.
Become a Planning Professional:
  • Going out to eat? Have your strategy ready, whether it’s ordering a child’s portion, splitting an entrée, asking for sauce or dressing on the side, or having fruit for dessert.
  • Write down a list of produce you want to eat this week. People who commit to a concrete plan to eat more fruits and vegetables are twice as likely to stick with that plan.  Adding veggies to your meal can automatically help you reduce overall caloric consumption at the meal.
Exercise the Buddy System . . . . Literally!
  • Everyone knows it is more fun to work out with someone else, so ask around at work or in your neighborhood for a new weight-loss buddy. Finding someone you can brag to a little about your successes—or confess to when you’ve had a setback—will provide solid support, and may even provide a little healthy competition. In fact, studies show you work out harder when you’re exercising with someone you perceive to be in better shape than yourself.
Embrace your Inner Chef:
  • If you were super busy with all of that last minute holiday planning, I’m sure cooking healthy dinners was far from the top of your list. Now that the New Year is upon us, take the opportunity to experiment in the kitchen. Try some new spices or a new kitchen gadget. Maybe you got a slow cooker for the holidays or a new mandolin. Give them a test drive with a new, healthy recipe!

Maybe you’re healthy as a racehorse and have different goals for the New Year. If so, let us know what your New Year’s resolutions are! Also, if you’re super into getting a healthier new life, make sure to check out Glassman’s new book, The New You and Improved Diet.