My Big Fat Revenge RECAP 9/3/13: Season Premiere “Jen/Tamar”

My Big Fat Revenge RECAP 9/3/13: Season Premiere "Jen / Tamar"

Tonight on Oxygen is the premiere of their new docu-series, MY BIG FAT REVENGE premieres with its first episode called, “Jen/Tamar.”

According to Oxygen, “The show gives women a life-changing opportunity of transformation and retribution in the empowering new docu-series “My Big Fat Revenge.” After being discounted, humiliated, and rejected because of their weight, these women are ready to take control of their lives, put their painful pasts behind them, and finally stand up to the people who inflicted the hurt.  From the girl whose boyfriend proposed with a ring two sizes too small to the girl who was tormented about her size by her childhood dance instructor, these women will get the ultimate chance to get healthy, change their lives for the better, and teach their former offenders the lesson of a lifetime. With an eye for an eye approach, these ex-boyfriends, former classmates and even family members will get a taste of their own medicine as they’re set up on blind dates, auditions, and nightmare jobs to experience what they put their offenders through.  For these transformed women, this is their golden opportunity to settle their scores and hopefully get the apologies they deserve.”

CDL had the opportunity to preview the new show and was honored to have met a few of the women involved with the show at the screening.  We are predicting the show will be a hit!

On tonight’s show Jen’s ex-boyfriend humiliated her for being overweight. Jen regains her power and exposes him for being a fraud. During her childhood, Tamar’s mother tormented her about her weight. Now Tamar has the confidence to confront her.

Tonight’s episode is going to be a fun one, which you won’t want to miss. So be sure to tune in for live coverage of Oxygen’s My Big Fat Revenge Season 1 Premiere “Jen/Tamar” — tonight at 9 PM EST.

Tonight’s episode begins now – Refresh Page for Updates

It’s always more than just revenge. Women are never that easy. On tonight’s premiere episode we meet Jennifer and Tamar. Both women are considered overweight and because of that they’ve had to suffer the nick names and sometime the utmost cruelty of others.

Jen and Tamar weighed over 200 pounds. Jen’s eating came right around the time her parents got divorce which is surprisingly very common. Big life changes like that can make women and girls in particular goo through a range of emotions in order to feel like they have control. For Jen it was eating. She had to gotten to such a low point in her life she hadn’t expected much in the way of a relationship. That is until she joined an online dating site for bigger women.

The amount of admires she got gave a much needed confidence boost but she unfortunately chose the wrong man to date. You would think because of where they met her now ex would have been more appreciative of the amazing woman he got. However throughout his relationship he did his best to hide her from family and friends. He even went as far to tell her to lose weight and dye her hair because only then would she be his type.

Feeling like she didn’t deserve any better, Jen stayed in the relationship longer than she should have. One of the most humiliating moments in their relationship was when he asked her to pick him up. He apparently was too drunk to drive. So she goes to pick him up and jumps in the car and demands she speeds away. He didn’t want anyone to see him with her. In other words don’t sympathize for this man. He truly has it coming.

The other woman of the hour is Tamar. She grew up with confidence but had it knocked out of her by her mother of all people. Her mother’s snide remarks and complete lack of sympathy has slowly warn her and their relationship down. They aren’t close.

One of the things that always got too close was when her mother would compare her to her sister. Never compare women to other women especially when you know better. Yet it was more than merely her weight. Her mother completely believed and would say that Tamar will never make anything of herself.

This woman knocked her confidence and then tried to rob Tamar of her future; she has it coming. Tamar understands she needs to get fit in order to be healthy but she doesn’t teach her own daughter that what’s on the outside is the only thing important. Now it’s time to teach her mother the same.

Both women go away for 3 months. They intensively work out and learn how to start living more healthily. They return home after doing this for themselves mind you. It’s only after they return do they have to start thinking about others. Like how best to plot their revenge.

Their families are so happy to have them back. Jen’s family puts it best into words. Getting fit was always what the ladies wanted. Their loved ones did and would have continued to accept them no matter what. Still they do look good. Jen land Tamar lost a combination of over a hundred pounds. Tamar’s daughter was shocked to her mom.

Before they can flaunt what they have they have to set up those who hut them. Jen’s ex, Hiren, has been set up on a fake date. He will think he’s on a date with a skinny blonde but what he’ll fine is someone who’s totally ashamed to be seen with him. When the date begins he’s so happy to see his date. The poor schmuck!

His date from hell is both cringe worthy and funny. Jen knows exactly what he’s most insecure about. His date tries to call him a work meeting in order for her “friends “ not realize how far her standards have fallen. She explains all of this Hiren. Just when he’s about to check out of the date, Jen comes out.

She explains how she set all of this up. She tries to explain the why but he’s too embarrassed to fully listen. He leaves before Jen got her apology. Luckily for him she doesn’t need anymore. Later and off camera he reportedly tried to get a second chance with her.

Tamar’s plan for her mother is to set up a fake play she had created on her life. Her mom sees how Tamar sees her and instead of understanding she find humor in their shared past memories. There is no remorse from her. It’s exactly as it was in the past. Tamar had tried to confront her mother before but it proved useless and even now when her words are being aired out in public her mother still doesn’t see the problem.

Tamar comes out from backstage and tries to open a dialogue and yet her mom is too busy on the phone to give Tamar all of her attention for once. Tamar is saying it’s serious and that finally got mommy dearest’s attention. Tamar tells her how she ripped her soul and tore her down like no one else did. Tamar would never raise her daughter like her mom did. After saying her truth Tamar asks her mom for that long overdue apology. Her mom does apologize but more for how Tamar felt over what she did. It’s a learning curve and Tamar is willing to take the fact her mom listened for once. Their relationship does get better and Tamar even let her mom babysat once in a while.

Was it a fairy-tale ending? No but they got what they needed to move on.