My Teen is Pregnant & So Am I RECAP 7/9/13: “The Facts of Life”

My Teen is Pregnant & So Am I RECAP 7/9/13: “The Facts of Life”

Tonight on TLC their new reality series premiere called, MY TEEN IS PREGNANT & SO AM I continues with its fifth episode called, “The Facts of Life.” On tonight’s show Chaé faces unexpected paternity questions. Did you watch last week’s episode we did and we recapped it here for you.

In this poignant series, four mothers deal with the surprising news that they are pregnant again, while simultaneously handling the sheer shock that their teenage daughters are unexpectedly pregnant at the same time.

On last week’s show the limits of motherhood were tested when Nicole had a c-section and Mariah refused to help because of AJ; Kim went through a painful labor and delivery; Lemhele and Shaniyah were back to therapy; and Chaé learned that her baby may have a heart condition.

On tonight’s show as babies arrive, life gets more complicated for the families. Nicole makes a controversial announcement. Kim deals with an overeager grandmother. Shaniyah gets induced due to medical concerns; and Chaé faces unexpected paternity questions.

Tonight’s episode sounds like some serious drama will play out between these ladies onscreen.  So be sure to tune in for live coverage of TLC’s My Teen is Pregnant & So Am I Season 1 Episode 4 “Easier Said Than Done” – tonight at 10PM EST.

Tonight’s episode begins now – Refresh Page for Updates

Kristi and Kim are both adjusting to parenting newborns. Kristi has been helping Kim with her baby. Kim has been feeling overwhelmed because Michael’s mother is visiting her grandson but wants to come everyday. Kim doesn’t want to cause problems but doesn’t want to listen when her mom warns her to set boundaries.

Kristi talks to her husband about the situation. He doesn’t see why Jackie, Michael’s mom, feels like she should such a big part in their lives. It’s not as if Michael and Kim are married.

Shaniyah is almost upon her due date. Her birth assistant/coach has come by to see what she needs. Shaniyah doesn’t have any questions and as matter of fact isn’t paying attention to the lady. She said she didn’t want to know what happened at the hospital because it would make her scared. But the lady pushes on and does exercises with Shaniyah about her upcoming birth. The exercise helps Shaniyah in a way. For one she’s no longer ignoring any of the tips and now she trust the lady. So much that’s she’s willing to have her in the delivery room.

Mariah and Josh are having a sit down with her grandmother, Mary. Mary has to put them on a budget because she’s been the one shouldering the financial burden. Grandma is trying to wean them for when they move out but the teens are nervous talking about money.

Chae has some friends over to introduce them to her new baby, London. Her friends are telling her she deserves better after hearing how Austin has basically ditched her. This time for possibly partying at Spring Break. What her friends don’t know is that the more they throw shade on Austin the more Chae wants to prove Austin is a good guy.

Nicole goes to her mom’s house. She wanted to speak to Mariah to tell her she’s marrying AJ. She also wants her daughter to be a bridesmaid. Mariah thinks it would be awkward and doesn’t want there to be any problems.

Jackie wants to have a baby shower for her grandson. Kim thinks it would be a little weird because she won’t know anyone there but its for Liam and also Michael. She’s at the stage where she has to get along with but not wants to get along with her. She feels that Jackie acts like Liam is her baby.

Shaniyah had to be induced because of high blood pressure. For safety reasons they’ve also given her an epidural. Her labor is a slow progress. After a 24 hour labor, Shaniyah delivers a healthy baby girl at 7 pounds and 6 ounces.
Lorna is now 37 weeks along but completely uncomfortable. She’s not sleeping alright because she has so many fears. Including those for her daughter, Chae. Chae has a situation of her own. She’s finally admitting that there’s another guy who could be the father of her daughter. She’s at lunch with a friend and decides to tell her the truth about London’s paternity. The friend is shocked but Chae admits she didn’t want to think London was anyone’s but Austin so she put the other guy, Cole, behind her. The friend isn’t judging yet she wants to know why Chae hasn’t said anything. Chae wanted to be with Austin is why.

Cole sent her a baby picture and he looks just like London. Cole will like to do a DNA test. But Chae wants to wait until after her mom has the baby and her friend is doing her best to convince otherwise.

Mariah is interviewing for a job. Before she goes she talks to Josh about her mom’s wedding. She doesn’t want to go and she wants Josh to be angry at the situation too but he’s being annoyingly reasonable.

Lemhele has gotten an eviction notice. She had reported her landlord because there was no heat or hot water several weeks ago so she’s being evicted out of spite. She’s going to fight it. She has to what with her new baby and Shaniyah’s new baby.

What will happen next week? Is Austin London’y father? Will Lemhele gets kicked out of her apartment? Will Nicole’s wedding go off as planned?