Julia Robert’s Bullied Obese Step-Sister Nancy Motes for Years Over Her Weight

Julia Robert's Bullied Obese Step-Sister Nancy Motes for Years Over Her Weight

My guess is that wherever Julia Robert’s happens to be waking up today it’s not necessarily going to be a great morning for her. Nancy  is the actresses’ much younger step sister and tensions have been strained between the two of them for a long while. In the past Julia has discussed trying to help Nancy, even going so far as to secure her a job on the set of Glee and ultimately feeling used. She has claimed that Nancy has only gone to her in an emergency when she needs something and she also is rumored to strongly disapprove of Nancy’s future husband.

Nancy sat for an interview with the NY Daily News and her story is quite a bit different and actually pretty messed up. To hear her tell it, the main issue between her and Julia was her own weight problem. Nancy claims that Julia spent years mocking and bullying her because she was massively overweight. She ballooned to 300 pounds before finally deciding to undergo Gastric Bypass surgery.

Nancy is half the size of her former self and here is the messed up thing- she thinks that now that she’s skinny Julia will like her. She thinks that her weight was what drove mean girl Julia away and now at 150 pounds Nancy hopes that the actress is proud of her and will be willing to reconcile! How completely messed up is that? This chick’s whole sense of self-esteem seems to be hinged on whether or not her snotty step-sister accepts her weight!

Do you believe that Julia bullied Nancy for years? Can you see the snotty comments flying between them? I for one would rather hear that Nancy wants nothing to do with Julia because she treated her so badly! Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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5 responses to “Julia Robert’s Bullied Obese Step-Sister Nancy Motes for Years Over Her Weight”

  1. Juliane Janek says:

    I can totally believe this. Julia has always seemed like a bitch to me.

  2. patty c says:

    Ditto the previous poster’s remarks. Julia Roberts is one arrogant, pretentious bitch.

  3. Ali says:

    I don’t buy it. These women are too old to be having drama like this.

  4. HollywoodHiccups says:

    Wow Julia seems like a horrible bitch!

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