Nashville RECAP 10/16/13: Season 2 Episode 4

Nashville RECAP 10/16/13: Season 2 Episode 4

NASHVILLE continues on ABC tonight with a whole new episode called, “You’re No Angel Yourself.” On tonight’s season 2 episode 4  Rayna cancels the tour with Juliette and Maddie is at the center of a dramatic turn of events when she discovers Teddy plans to marry Peggy. Did you watch week’s episode?  We did and we recapped it here for you!

On last week’s episode Rayna’s divorce from Teddy was final as each embarked on a new path that brought them back to some familiar territory. Liam returned to help Rayna complete her album, and Peggy engaged in a plan to win Teddy back. Juliette took a high-paying private gig at a billionaire couple’s anniversary party, but she soon discovered her host was interested in more than just her musical abilities. Deacon’s troubled past with his own father casts a shadow over his impending relationship with Maddie, and Will and Scarlett underwent makeovers for the Stockholders Showcase.

On tonight’s episode Rayna leaves Juliette in a lurch when she decides she needs to cancel the remainder of the tour. Teddy proposes to Peggy and asks her to be discreet around the girls, but when Maddie sees her grandmother’s ring hanging from Peggy’s neck, the charade is up. She is confused and hurt and finds herself turning to an unlikely friend. Tandy uncovers more troubling information about Rayna and her mother’s death, but her attempt to share the discovery with Rayna is hijacked by Maddie’s reaction to Teddy and Peggy’s engagement. Deacon discovers that he has more in common with Megan than just his case.

Tonight’s episode looks like it is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of ABC’s Nashville at 10:00 PM EST! While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know what you think of Nashville, so far?  Check out the sneak peek of tonight’s episode below!

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Maddie is listening to her iPod – a song by Deacon – while her mom, sister and aunt urge her to join them at her grandmother’s grave site. Maddie asks if the song she’s listening to is about her Mom and Rayna says it is. She’s less than enthused with them. Rayna invites the girls to join her at a symphony gala. Maddie says big whoop but Daphne is excited about it.

Juliette comes home to find Glenn there waiting with a nice new sports car. She says she’s paying him too much and he tells her it’s a gift for her from Wentworth (the married guy she banged). He tells her that it’s good to have rich fans and J says she’s more interested in fans that buy her albums. She demands to know when they’re going to get back out on the road and Glenn tells her Bucky says Rayna still isn’t ready. J says it’s bull that her throat is still sore from the intubation and even if it she can lip synch her way through the tour. She wants to be on the road promoting her album.

Rayna talks to her mom’s grave and says it’s been a tough year. She says that Maddie is the same age now as Rayna was when she lost her mother. She says she thinks she’s lost her voice and isn’t sure who she is without it or who she is right now. She cries. She says she misses her.

Teddy is on the phone and Peggy is in the bathroom desperately checking a pregnancy test that says “no.” He tells her that he may be able to run for Congress if things go well. He tells her that he feels like he may be able to get his family’s good name back that his dad blew up when he was in office. Teddy gives her a ring – his mother’s – and Peggy asks if he’s trying to avoid a scandal or if he wants them to be together as a family. He admits it’s a little of both and they hug. She tells him she loves him and he looks antsy.

At a photo shoot, Will talks to Jeff’s assistant who tells him that the label really wants to get him into the studio to record the song he did at the label party because it’s tracking well. Will says it belongs to his friend and the guy tells him to lock down the rights to the song. Layla is posing at the photo shoot and the photographer tells her she reminds him of a young Juliette. Scarlett watches and waits nervously.

It’s Scarlett’s turn and then an assistant grabs her boobs to plump them out. She is having problems smiling and relaxing and looks awkward and like she’s about to have an anxiety attack.

Deacon comes to see his lawyer and apologizes for being rude when she was just trying to help him. He hands her the check she sent back and she tells him that she doesn’t take money for court ordered appointments. He says he wants to make sure she’s paid for her efforts. She tells him to take her to dinner at a nice place and they’ll be even. He agrees.

Tandy meets with the PI she hired to investigate her mother’s death and whether her father was involved. She found out that there was a Cadillac like her father had following her mother’s car and that his alibi was crap and that there was a witness who saw them arguing who later recanted. Tandy says she hoped the US Attorney was bluffing when she said she had the goods on her dad.

Rayna comes to Juliette’s to tell her that she can’t finish the tour. J is horrified. Rayna says she needs to be home right now and that the insurance will cover the cancellation. J tells her that she needs to be on the road promoting her album and the insurance can’t make up for that. Rayna tells her she’s a smart girl and will figure it out. J yells “this sucks” and stomps away.

Scarlett comes to see Zoe at church and finds her singing in the sanctuary. She smiles as she watches. She applauds and tells her it’s beautiful. Zoe says it’s something she’ll be doing at church on Sunday. Scarlett says it was more fun singing together back in church because it didn’t feel like a job then. She says she knows she’s lucky but doesn’t like being poked and prodded by the handlers. Zoe says they need to change things up so it’s more fun for her.

Will comes to see Gunnar who is setting up at the Blue Bird. Gunnar isn’t happy with him but Will presses on and tells him the label wants to make his song Will’s first single. Will says it can be a win win for both of them. He tells him he’s a songwriter and asks Gunnar shouldn’t he be trying to make money off his songs. Gunnar says he’ll think about it.

Gunnar sees Avery and asks what he’s doing there and he says he’s the new bar back. Gunnar grimaces and says that means it now sucks to be at work or at home.

At the symphony gala, Maddie complains that her dress is itchy but Rayna tells her she looks beautiful and grown up. Maddie complains that there are only old people there. Lamar is there and Rayna tells him he’s outdone himself. Maddie complains about the caviar and sulks off to the table with her sister. Tandy and Rayna are surprised to see Teddy there and even more surprised to see Peggy with him.

Glenn and J meet to discuss how they can change the tour. He tells her that the plan she has isn’t arena-worthy unless she does her old material and caters to the tween fans that made her famous to start with. She’s not happy but reluctantly agrees.
Lamar speaks to the gala crowd and says he was introduced to the symphony by his dear departed wide and toasts her and says he misses her. Tandy looks at him with disgust.

At dinner, Deacon is struggling to cut his meat and the lawyer asks if he was denied proper medical care while in custody. She says he was being unfairly targeted by the mayor. She’s surprised that he won’t sue over a possibly career-ending injury that he didn’t cause. He asks why a high powered attorney like her would represent someone like him. She tells him it’s a long story and he says his steak will wait.

Lamar wants to take a family picture and Maddie doesn’t want to join them because the whole family isn’t there. She steps in for the photo and then stomps away to find her dad. Rayna stops her and Maddie blows up and tells her that nothing is ever the way she says it’s going to be. Peggy walks up and greets Maddie warmly. Maddie sees the ring on the necklace around Peggy’s neck and freaks – recognizing it as her grandmother’s ring. He had told her he wanted to keep the engagement secret for a while so why did he let her wear it? Surely he noticed it…

Teddy confesses to the engagement and Maddie blows up. Rayna isn’t thrilled either and tells him that it’s inappropriate. Maddie says she’s not talking to either of them and stomps away. Teddy tells Rayna he didn’t know she would be there and that he’s there as Mayor and Peggy is on a related committee. Rayna tells him it’s bad timing and he confesses that Peggy is pregnant and that he’s trying to do the right thing. Rayna is shocked!

Megan – the lawyer – shows Deacon a photo of her husband that she met while in law school. She says he was killed – murdered by a 17 year old kid. She admits she visits the shooter in jail and says she hated him at first and wanted him dead. She says after a few years she accepted that the hate wasn’t helping or bringing back her husband. She says spending time with him led to her taking the court appointed cases. Deacon says she’s the world’s best person. Megan says she has her shortcomings. She says they should get the check and he asks if that means the night is over.

Scarlett and Zoe reminisce about the old days and Zoe tells her she slept with this guy from school – Sticky Ricky – that they thought was weird. Scarlett asks why she never told her and Zoe says she didn’t want to tarnish Scarlett’s image of her as a good preacher’s daughter.

Tandy kisses Lamar and tells her daddy it was a good speech. She tells him she can’t believe it’s been 30 years since they lost her mom. She says she can still remember exactly where she was when the accident happened. She says she and Rayna were at summer camp. She says she tried to call him but he was away on business. He says he was in Louisville. She asks what her mother’s last words to him were and he says it was probably something mundane like pass the salt. He says they should focus on the night and walks away from her probing questions.

J is rehearsing for the revamped tour working on her older material with the big dance numbers. She’s visibly annoyed with it. Glenn asks if everything is okay and she tells him that everything about it feels wrong. She says she doesn’t want to do the over-produced numbers. She says she’s not a tween and never was with the background she grew up in. She tells him she doesn’t want to play small venues or to half an arena and orders Glenn to figure something out.

Tandy tells Rayna she needs to tell her something and Rayna says the same to her but Rayna can’t find the girls. Then she sees a crying Daphne who tells her that Maddie ran away!

Rayna calls Maddie’s friends and no one has seen her. Lamar tells her that Tandy called from the house and she’s not there either. Teddy asks how they can lose a teenager in a ball gown. Rayna asks if they can track her cell phone and they decide to do that even though it will take a little while to get started. Peggy comes up and asks if she can help and Lamar blows up at her and says it’s her and Teddy’s fault Maddie took off and that it’s family business. Teddy says Peggy is part of the family.

Glenn is excited after a phone call – he found her a new tour partner – Luke Wheeler. The only catch is that J will open rather than co-headline. She refuses that and also refuses to accept the idea of scaling back on the tour. J gets a call and tells the caller to calm down that she’ll be right there.

Avery watches Gunnar rehearsing at the Blue Bird. He asks if that’s the song Will wants to record and says it’s pretty damn good but needs some steel and piano. He apologizes for giving advice when Gunnar is giving the song away. Gunnar asks if he thinks it’s really good and Avery says it’s going to be a hit for someone.

Deacon and Megan chat and flirt on the couch and they kiss when they are interrupted by a knock on the door. It’s Rayna looking for Maddie. Deacon says she’s not and he asks why she thinks she would be there. She says Maddie has been listening to her album non-stop and was upset because she found out Teddy is getting remarried. Megan tries to leave but Rayna insists that she not go. Deacon offers to help look for her and Rayna asks him to stay there instead – in case she decides to come to his house.

Maddie stands and cries in front of a gas station when Juliette pulls up. She tells her she’s just been walking and walking and didn’t know where to go. J hugs her and tells her “I got you.”

Zoe and Scarlett are at the bar looking to make new adventures. Scarlett sees a guy taking photos of her and she goes to ask him to stop. She asks him to stop and says he should ask next time. He asks her for an autograph and she signs a napkin. Zoe toasts to Scarlett’s first autograph. They are called to the stage for their karaoke number. Zoe takes the lead and Scarlett sings back up and dances. People are shooting videos on their phones.

At J’s she offers Maddie some clothes to change out of her ball gown. She looks at a record on the wall and tells her it was one of her favorite records. Maddie tells her she wishes she was older and could just live on her own and write songs and perform at the Blue Bird. J says it sounds like Deacon and Maddie tells her that her mom won’t talk to her about him. J tells her that Rayna quit the tour to be with them and that she loves her and her sister a lot. She tells her that Rayna is probably frantic. Maddie asks if J is going to call her and she says she is.

Megan asks Deacon how long he’s known Maddie is his daughter. She tells him it wasn’t hard to figure out with all the drama surrounding their accident. She asks if he fell off the wagon because he found out. He says he found out everything he thought was true wasn’t and he did what he always does when life gets bad. He says he’s not drinking any more. Megan tells him it took her a while to realize she will never be that same person she once was.

Rayna gets to J’s and J tells her that Maddie walked two miles from the symphony hall and that she fell asleep. J tells her that Maddie really needs to talk to her about her dad – Deacon. J says she won’t tell anyone the secret. J tells her she’s got to do what she needs to for her family. Rayna apologizes about the tour and J says she’ll figure something out because she always does. Rayna sits down beside Maddie and whispers to her.

Rayna tells Maddie about when Deacon wrote Life is Good. She tells her she fell in love with him after he wrote the song. She tells Maddie she wants to be able to talk to her about everything and she wants her to run toward her not away from her. She says they’re all they’ve got and that she loves her. Maddie agrees she loves her too. Daphne yells that she lost a tooth and Rayna goes to her. Deacon calls and Maddie gets the phone. He tells her he was calling to check on her. She says she’s grounded but okay. He tells her that’s good and how worried they all were about her.

He asks that she not run off like that again and she agrees. He tells her to be safe and they hang up. Maddie whispers “Dad.”

Tandy talks to the US Attorney and says that as you grow up you start to see the flaws in your parents but you really want to see the good in them. She hands a flash drive to the attorney with evidence about her dad’s bribes and kickbacks. He asks what made her change her mind and she tells him her daddy took someone away from them.

Will is playing Gunnar’s song when Gunnar tells him that he can’t have the song. He tells him that he can have one of his other songs. He says he’s  performer too and wants to perform her own songs. Will tells him he’s going to be in trouble with the label and accuses Gunnar of screwing with him because he’s jealous. Gunnar says he never should have taken the song in the first place.

At ‘s the doorbell rings and Glenn says he can’t believe she’s doing this. J says he made it clear what her options were. They open the door and it’s tween queen Layla! She tells her that Rayna dropped out of the tour and she offers her the chance to open for her. She says she thought it would be a good fit. Layla is thrilled and J closes the door in her face. Glenn says Layla reminds him of J at that age. She isn’t flattered. She tells him to send the car back to Wentworth and tell him she can afford her own cars.

Daphne wants to know why she ran away and left her. Maddie says it won’t happen again and invites her to sing with her. She learned a new song – Deacon’s – and she wants to teach it to her. As she sings it, Rayna watches from around the corner. Daphne joins in and Rayna is in tears. Rayna starts to sing and then stops when her voice fails her.